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Top 8 #Zimbabwe romantic destinations

Zimbabwe is generally regarded as a  beautiful country with mesmerising landmarks and landscapes, however when it comes to romantic destinations, many spend a lot flying to far places away from home.

Are there  no beautiful and exclusive places in the country. Well, a closer look shows that  the best places could be some few hours drive  from your home.

Here we have compiled a list of the best romantic places in motherland Zimbabwe.  This list is based on people’s recommendations and views gathered from various Zimbabwe Tourism and Travel Guides.


8,Mana pools

When it comes to close encounters with wild animals, there is no place like Mana Pools. This  less travelled remote UNESCO World Heritage Site is a place to visit before you die.

The  Mana Pools attract animals of different shapes and sizes in dry seasons so you won’t be disappointed if you travel to Zimbabwe’s wilderness resort.mana pools



7,Lake Kariba

This list will be incomplete without Lake Kariba. It is a destination for pleasure seekers and adventurous people. It  offers numerous opportunities for game safaris  and  fishing in the prolific waters.

Wild animals, water based activities and  breathtaking sunsets put this place in the top 8. Lake Kariba could have been on number 1 but the dry weather and  souring temperatures..


6,Chimanimani Mountains

Its not a surprise that Chimanimani mountains  make it to this list. The granite spikes are a paradise with waterfalls, streams, rich vegetation and wild life.

The  crown in the jewel is the lovely Bridal Veil Falls which spill 55m into a big reservoir that also serves as a swimming pool to visitors.

Whether  outdoor relaxing, walking, climbing, fishing, horse riding,  or just relaxing in the beautiful surroundings and clear mountain air, a visit to Chimanimani mountains  is an unforgettable experience.


5,Matobo hills

This is among the best in terms of the rock formations and quietness. It only  loses to the Eastern Highlands locations mainly because it lacks the green, the rivers and spectacular waterfalls.

Without a doubt Matobo Hills fits well into the top 8 romantic destinations in Zimbabwe.




Zimbabwe  has many beautiful towns and cities. Many of them beautiful in their  own way. If one is to make a choice, there is no doubt Mutare and Harare will flash as having the right atmosphere and scenery.  If you put Bulawayo into the equation it becomes harder to select the best destination.

The busyness of Harare makes it  more commercial and less romantic, Mutare like the rest of the towns and cities does not have much in comparison to Bulawayo and Harare leaving BULAWAYO as the most romantic city in Zimbabwe. Not surprised they call it the city of kings and queens!




Bvumba Mountain is a combination of misty peaks with amazing vantage points into Zimbabwe and Mozambique up  to the Indian Ocean on clear days.

The Bvumba Botanical Gardens  contain  trees and shrubs that have been gathered from all over the world.

The surroundings  offer a pleasant  and exotic feeling with the heavily treed evergreen forests and mountain streams putting it in the top 8 romantic destinations of Zimbabwe.


2,Victoria falls

Being among the most  famous and must visit  attractions in the world, Victoria Falls  is number 2 on the list of the best romantic retreats in Zimbabwe.

Like Kariba, the souring heat and dry conditions does not mix well with romantic atmosphere. This does not take anything from the majestic falls. Zimbabwe is not only about Vic Falls, there is a lot to discover. Just check our number 1 down below.
vic falls

1,Nyanga Mountains

The Nyanga mountains  have a cooler and wetter climate than other parts of Zimbabwe with higher rainfall, low cloud and heavy mists and dew as moisture moves inland from the Ocean waters on the Mozambique coastlines.

Picturesque  lakes, streams and rivers around the  mountains area qualifies this area as among the most beautiful landmarks in Zimbabwe . The spectacular Mtarazi  and Nyangombe Falls plunge into the  Honde Valley  Escarpment making this  a top romantic destination.

For quality time there are many activities to enjoy: hiking, swimming, golf, fishing and horse riding

Looking at the hierarchy above, rivers and mountains dominate Zimbabwe’s  romantic destinations and stories!

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