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Afz Hails New Dispensation

Air Force of Zimbabwe Commander Air Marshal Elson Moyo says the new dispensation ushered in following Operation Restore Legacy last year is a welcome development and his vision is to position the force as a highly professional and disciplined entity.

In an interview ahead of the Defence Forces Day celebrations next week, Air Marshal Moyo said to achieve such a feat, it was important to equip the force and to attend to issues regarding the force’s welfare.

“The ushering in of the new dispensation has been a welcome development in the country,” he said.

“Be that as it may, my vision as Commander of the Air Force of Zimbabwe is to position the organisation as a highly professional and disciplined force through capacity building initiatives for effective, efficient and timely employment of air power in response to Zimbabwe’s national security imperatives. This thrust will be guided and centred on patriotism, loyalty, human dignity, excellence and professionalism as envisaged in our core values as an organisation. For this to be attained, issues to do with the workforce’s welfare, training, re-equipping, research and development, flight safety and infrastructure development have to be addressed for the organisation to realise the desired end state.”

Commenting on the relationship between the Air Force of Zimbabwe and the Zimbabwe National Army, Air Marshal Moyo said: “The Air Force of Zimbabwe and the Zimbabwe National Army are natural partners in the conduct of combat operations on and over the land. As such, their day-to-day operations are intertwined particularly in areas of service support. The most important teamwork occurs on the battlefield where our combat capabilities produce an increase in joint combat power that provides a decisive advantage over an adversary.

“To that end, the air force and army carry out joint exercises in all phases of their training and staff development courses done at the Zimbabwe Staff College and Zimbabwe National Defence University. These exercises and courses guarantee the much needed cohesion in operations or conduct of war.”

Air Marshal Moyo said the force also engaged in social responsibility activities reaching out to disadvantaged members of the society through the Commander Air Force of Zimbabwe Charity Fund.

He said the force was also equipping itself with latest technological advancements to ensure rapid response to any security threat.

Going forward, Air Marshal Moyo said: “The Air Force of Zimbabwe has created a lasting legacy of resilience, subservience to political leadership, being a people’s air force through gallantry, professionalism, effective resources management, equity and fairness among other things.

“From this background, the air force will continue to enhance its capabilities to effectively defend Zimbabwe’s air space. On the civil side, the air force will also continue to reach out to the people of Zimbabwe and getting involved in the betterment of their lives and the general development of our country.”

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