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Angry Letter to Tendai Biti from ZANU PF #263chat #zimbabwe #southafrica #mugabe

Dear Tendai

I hope that this letter will reach you whilst you in good health so that you will read and understand this important advice.

Anger and disappointment have stimulated me into writing this letter to you Tendai. My emotions have been roused by your sentiments that the ruling party has failed on the economy. But honestly, your argument is just a mere drop of water in the ocean.

Instead of you shouting at ZANU-PF that it has to admit that it has failed, what have you done that contributes to the resuscitation of the economy? Allow me to ask you a simple question; is Zimbabwe for ZANU-PF alone?  As a responsible citizen of this country, I think you should come out with policies that assist in improving the nation’s economy.

But was it not you and your former boss, MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, who caused all the suffering that Zimbabweans are encountering now. I am quite cognizant that during your tenure as MDC-T secretary general, you were on the fore-front, together with Tsvangirai, calling for illegal sanctions to be imposed on Zimbabwe.

Now that the sanctions affect you, me and every Zimbabwean, you blame the ZANU-PF Government. Why? Is this confusion or what? But I guess lawyers like you should not reach that level of confusion. How then will you lead your party if you are so myopic? Honestly these are signs of your bad leadership.

The very big problem with you, Biti, is that you are power hungry, greedy and driven by self interests. Sorry to say this, but that is a fact. It’s very unfortunate that you fail to realize all these. It’s also a shame that whilst you were Minister of Finance during the inclusive government, you abused public funds with your ‘mistresses’ while the civil servants were struggling to make the meet.

The other thing is that you are a political coward. A learned person like you should have his own political principles. Unfortunately, you prefer to work with political rejects. This shows that you are hopeless Biti.

How can you plan to join hands and partner with political discards like Jabulani Sibanda, Joice Mujuru and Didymus Mutasa? Don’t you know that they were expelled from the ruling party because of misbehaving? Do you think a person like Mutasa who fails to understand what the Official Secrets Act means will contribute positively to your party?

I think you are now becoming political obsolete Mr Biti. No wonder why your former colleague, Elton Mangoma, left you. I thought by forming the Renewal Team party you had totally changed from the dictatorial leadership that your ex-boss, Morgan Tsvangirai displays.

I agree with what your former treasurer general Mangoma’s claims that you were engaging the Mujuru cabal without the knowledge and blessing of other party members. So, do you think that if given the opportunity to lead this nation you will be able to do so honestly?

A good leader is not power hungry neither is he self centered.

Zanu PF


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