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Another US hunter #Janseski kills a #Zimbabwe lion: parks authority #walterpalmer #CecilTheLion #Cecil #jericho

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A Doctor has become the second American named in the African lion-killing investigation.
The Pittsburgh gynecologist Dr Jan Seski has posed with dead elephants, hippos, zebras and ostriches.
He is accused of killing a lion in April and his guides have been arrested in the African Country.
It comes a week after Africa’s most famous lion Cecil was killed by Minnesota Dentist Dr. Walter Palmer in early July.
Seski is a bow hunter which means he kills animals with a bow and arrow instead of a rifle

Another US hunter is suspected of killing a lion in Zimbabwe, the parks authority said Sunday, following the outcry over the killing of Cecil the lion by an American dentist.

A government statement said a crackdown since Cecil’s killing had led to the arrest of safari organiser Headman Sibanda on allegations of breaching hunting regulations. It said his client was an American called Jan Casmir Sieski who was in Zimbabwe in April.

“Headman Sibanda’s case is in connection with a lion that was killed by the other American (Sieski) in April,” confirmed parks authority spokeswoman Caroline Washaya-Moyo.

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