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Band Members Dump Somandla Ndebele

Four band members have left Somandla Ndebele’s camp to start their own musical outfit — Double Combination under the stewardship of Peter Muteda.

The four band members are Muteda, Last Kazoda (bass guitar), Luckson Mabheka (drummer), and Ephraim Lukker (bass and lead guitar).

Popularly known as “Muzukuru” Peter, a name coined from Ndebele’s song that shares the same title, the band leader cited lack of performances as the reason they left Ndebele.

“We had too few shows and very few tours around the country. This was a huge disadvantage for us as we sorely rely on music for survival,” said Muteda.

“So I just thought, as talented as we are, and I can sing, play as well as write music, why not start a band.”

After their departure two months ago, Double Combination has had regular gigs, mostly in Epworth, their home turf.

“We recently had a show at Chessa Night Club also in Epworth, and RTS Bar in Domboramwari.”

Ndebele has however, refuted claims that he was left by any band members while contesting ever having worked with two of the named artistes.

“I’ve never worked with anyone named Luckson Mabheka or Ephraim Lukker. Ask them which year they worked with me and which songs they recorded with me.

“As for Peter (Muteda), I work with him. He plays sub rhythm guitar but ask him if he has ever recorded with me,” said “Soma”, as Ndebele is affectionately known.

He added that he fired Kazoda in February this year.

“Last was our spare bass guitarist but we parted ways on February 10, because he drinks too much alcohol,” Soma alleged.

“Just last week we were in Marondera. If these band members have whatever projects they are doing they are free to do so but they should not gain mileage using my name,” he said.

Despite his departure, Muteda is grateful for the three years he was under Ndebele’s wings. Before joining Ndebele, he had previously played with Tatenda Pinjisi, Zakaria Zakaria, and Simon Mutambi.

“My experience with all these musicians groomed me as an artiste and has inspired the founding of my band,” he said.

Muteda is currently working on his debut album “Zvinoda Kushinga” scheduled for release early next month.

The 10 track album is currently going through the mixing and mastering stage at Rasclass Studios

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The Herald

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