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Electoral independence beyond borders

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission was established in 2004 after the restructuring of the country’s electoral system. Since the 1980’s elections had been run by the Registrar General’s Department through the Electoral Supervisory Commission, which was later disbanded to give way for ZEC. By MIRIAM TOSE MAJOME The Registrar General’s department …

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Fatherhood and childhood; dependence and supply

By Erasmus Makarimayi In the perilous times we’re living in of apostasy and heresy many have been shaken and confused. This piece isn’t premised on any denominational persuasion, but a strict and simple Bible interpretation. My purview isn’t to ruffle feathers nor to authenticate any human opinion. I am simply …

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Sasha to launch single at Las Vegas

Arts Correspondent Talking Guitars lead singer Sasha will launch her debut single titled “Two Timer” at Club Las Vegas in Southerton tomorrow. Talking Guitars is known for doing cover tracks and Sasha says she wants to create her own identity through an album that will be released later this year. …

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Zim and the death penalty debate

Mai Sato Correspondent At the end of 2017, the world watched with keen interest as Robert Mugabe was deposed after 37 years of rule and replaced by President Mnangagwa, who promised a new democracy. The change of power is also significant for those interested in Zimbabwe’s death penalty policy. Mugabe, …

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The original message behind Africa Day

Lynsey Chutel Correspondent Each year on May 25, the continent celebrates Africa Day. Just how to celebrate the day is open to broad interpretation. In Zimbabwe, May 25 is a public holiday, while in several other African countries they celebrate it in numerous other ways to reclaim peace, dignity and …

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Elections are big business for the discerning

Hildegarde The Arena THE election period is dubbed the silly season, and Zimbabwe’s 2018 harmonised election is promising to live up to that billing. With more than 120 registered political parties claiming their desire to participate in this year’s plebiscite, it means voters are spoilt for choice. Thus, exciting days …

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SMEs are key to job creation, growth in Africa

Rumbidzai Ngwenya Features Writer As Zimbabwe and the rest of the continent celebrate Africa Day, the heart and lung of the continent’s economic growth lies firmly in the boom of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Today, analysts say, these small and growing businesses create around 80 percent of the continent’s …

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Political turncoats, prophets should stay out of polls

WHOEVER coined the phrase ‘politics is a dirty game’ must have had Zanu PF kind of politics in mind, given the levels of hypocrisy shown by some of the ruling party’s so-called ‘clairvoyants’. For their so-called prophesies always conveniently suit the occasion It would appear each election season always unearthes …

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