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Climate smart agriculture benefits Zim smallholder farmers

As Zimbabwe’s population continues to grow and is expected to reach 19,3 million in 2032 as projected by ZimStat, the country will be challenged to meet its food security and nutritional requirements for its people, while also ensuring continued economic growth and sustainable livelihoods in the country where agriculture is …

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Hwange: a sore thumb on a decomposing body

THE depth of corruption is astonishing that even those that have ranked Zimbabwe highly, regionally and internationally, should be ashamed of themselves for doing a disservice to the people of this great nation. Editorial Comment We report elsewhere in this issue of “corruption” allegations levelled against Mines minister Winston Chitando …

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Building value chains, skills for Vision 2030

President Emerson D. Mnangagwa Zimbabwe aspires to be an upper middle-income economy with a per capita income of US$3 500 by 2030. This requires fundamental transformations and shifts in the economy. Our Transitional Stabilisation Programme (TSP) prepares for these critical shifts and transformations we envisage, and without which Vision 2030 …

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Zimbabwe is truly open for business

There is a breath of fresh air in Zimbabwe and investors are enjoying it. Now that the stink is no longer there, everyone wants to be friends with us. It’s like Zimbabwe has just returned from the wilderness of isolation with wisdom to share after deep soul searching. This week …

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We have no choice, but to embark on painful reforms

E.D. Mnangagwa President When Margaret Thatcher was elected UK prime minister in 1979, she recognised that piecemeal change would not be sufficient to tackle the problems of labour unrest, rampant inflation and economic stagnation. A wholesale transformation and modernisation of the British economy was required. While there would inevitably be …

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We have hit the ground running

Pupurai Togarepi Youth Matters RECENTLY we were in Mutoko, a beautiful land with beautiful people. It was all square and yet another platform to deliver on the pledges we made towards the watershed elections where the people’s mandate was deservedly given to President Emmerson Mnangagwa. In Mutoko, just like all …

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Settling land compensation issue vital for Zim’s economy

IN his inaugural address, the new President of Zimbabwe, Emmerson Mnangagwa, confirmed that land reform was both historically necessary and irreversible. He also made a commitment to compensate farmers who were forced off their land during the fast track land reform programme of the 2000s. Guest column: Ian Scoones Many …

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Corruption laws must not just be paper tigers

WHILE we applaud President Emmerson Mnangagwa for gazetting regulations meant to deal with the scourge of corruption in the financial services sector, it is more important to ensure implementation of the legislation. Editorial Comment Zimbabwe has a raft of credible laws designed to deal with corruption, and these have been …

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Listen to the inner voice to make the right career moves

MAKING a career move is a very important decision which requires serious thought and consideration. When we listen to our inner voice, it helps us be at peace with important decisions. guest column: Emmanuel Zvada If you are frustrated, tired or exhausted of working in the same environment or roles, …

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