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Finding the right formula on sanctions

Zimbabwe has been under US and EU sanctions for close to two decades. A lot has been written regarding this contentious issue which, in essence, is a story about the West bullying a small African nation that decided to reverse a colonial legacy in land ownership. Zimbabwe was until 1980 under British colonialism, which …

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ED, the broken window philosophy

Nick Mangwana View from the Diaspora There are crimes that injure individuals, and then there are crimes that injure society. Crimes that injure individuals can be measured through weighing scales of gravity. Is it a serious injury or is it just a minor abrasion? What are the long-term psychological effects and …

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ED explains to the world he is his own man

Nobleman Runyanga Correspondent Since arriving in New York for this year’s United Nations General Assembly summit last Thursday, President Mnangagwa and his delegation have been busy with meetings and interviews. Various media houses, countries and companies are dying to hear from them on how the country intends to move forward since …

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All work, no play makes Dave a dull boy

David Mungoshi Shelling the Nuts While serenity and introspection are sublime, there is no denying that laughter, camaraderie and bonhomie make the world a lovely place to be. We need to smile a bit more and we need to laugh even more. You miss something of great importance when you choose …

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Unpacking China’s resource diplomacy

Ranson Mudzamba Correspondent China’s accelerating economic might and unique political and social synergies have over the past decade been fulfilling a debate on the possibility of a seismic geopolitical shift in the international system. In the case of Africa, China is exploring its economic foreign policy it refers to as economic …

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Vendors: When reason prevails over common sense

Elliot Ziwira Senior Writer If there is anything that has eluded reason for some time, it is the thorny issue of vending in the central business districts of major cities and towns in Zimbabwe, particularly in Harare where running battles between the police and vendors have been the order of …

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Marijuana use in SA: What next after landmark court ruling?

South Africa’s Constitutional Court has delivered a unanimous judgment that certain parts of the country’s drug laws are inconsistent with the right to privacy. Adults are now allowed to use, possess or cultivate cannabis in private for their own personal consumption. The court gave broad guidelines about what this would …

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UNGA: An opportunity to tell the Zimbabwean story

Tafara Shumba Correspondent The 73rd Ordinary Session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) currently in motion in the United States provides boundless opportunities for Zimbabwe to tell its story following the recent political transfiguration that gave birth to a new dispensation, now commonly referred to as the Second Republic. The …

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Taking breaks at work acts as a productivity booster

MANY of us devote our work time sitting at a desk, staring at the computer screen, straining our eyes trying to finish tasks given. A workday without any breaks drains our mental capacity and lowers productivity and that is what happens to many. When work is stressful on a daily …

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