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Africa Day – ‘Home Is Best’ Only for a Few

ONE of the best known idioms around the world is: “East or west, home is best.” For the vast majority of those living on this earth, this saying … widely known in its shorter version of “home is best” is an expression of an abiding truth. For citizens of most …

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Achieving Self-Sufficiency in Zim Power Generation

ZIMBABWE is entering its third week of electricity blackouts under the national load-shedding programme announced by the country’s power utility, Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (Zesa). The experience for various consumers seems like a déjà vu as rolling power cuts had been a daily norm from 2000 up until 2013 when …

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Forge a deal for tourism, rural communities and wildlife by 2030

Tinashe Farawo Correspondent FROM June 23-25, the country will host the African Union and United Nations Wildlife Economy Summit which is expected to attract more than 500 delegates across the globe including African Heads of State. The summit will be held in Victoria Falls under the theme, “Communities for conservation; …

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Unpacking the Marriages Bill

Andrea Dracos There has been pandemonium regarding the import of the Draft Marriages Bill, 2017 (hereinafter referred to as “the Bill’’) which was recently approved by the Cabinet. Its main objectives are highlighted in the preamble but for purposes of this article, protest has been raised regarding this particular object …

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Zim needs more power options

Hydro and fossil fuel-generated electricity have long well served Zimbabwe and many other countries in the past. It is cheap, or at least cost-efficient, and has been sustainable for a long time. But with fossil fuels being a finite resource, and water prone to the vagaries of climate change, countries …

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MDC congress: Redefining the people’s agenda

This weekend the MDC will hold its elective congress in Gweru, Midlands province, under the theme Defining a new course for Zimbabwe. This is the 5th congress we are holding since February 1999, when we gathered at the Women’s Bureau in Harare as compatriots and resolved to form a political …

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Struggle stalwart, war strategist, epitome of unity

Sifelani Tsiko Environment, Agric & Innovations Editor The death of liberation struggle stalwart Dumiso Dabengwa after battling with a liver disease has robbed the country of a distinguished military strategist and leader who shaped and influenced the 16-year protracted armed struggle to free Zimbabwe. His death at 79, is a …

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Zupco: making govt feel good about itself

SINCE Zimbabwe’s independence in 1980, public transporter, the Zimbabwe United Passenger Company (Zupco), has probably been the most loved public entity by both the general populace and the State, reason being that, for the public, it has been their saviour in hard times and for the State, it has been …

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Groupthink diminishes reasoning

“Be careful what you wish for,” is an English expression used to tell people to think before they say they want something and to suggest that they may not actually want it. There may be unforeseen and unpleasant consequences. Well, I was reminded of that expression after newspaper publisher Trevor …

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