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Cyclone Idai — mitigating the hand of nature

CYCLONE Idai, a tropical phenomenon, has ravaged the south-eastern coast of Africa, causing serious devastation and loss of hundreds of lives. Most affected are Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. Lives, livelihoods, homes and businesses have been completely destroyed. Bridges have been swept away, cutting off communities which have always been marginalised …

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The storm that knew no boundaries

TROPICAL Cyclone Idai has made headlines across southern Africa throughout the month of March. Lingering in the Mozambique Channel at tropical cyclone intensity for six days, the storm made landfall in Beira, Mozambique in the middle of the month, then tracked in a westerly direction until its dissipation. The greatest …

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These critics need more help than cyclone victims

CYCLONE Idai has brought out the good and the ugly in people. Many Zimbabweans have, commendably, risen to the occasion to assist fellow human beings, while others are using this as an opportunity to sneak in unrelated and expedient issues detracting from the gravity of the situation. Zimbabweans from all …

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Killing “the farmer” that grows the golden leaf

EVERY year around this time, a hype of activity characterises the economy as our hard-working farmers ship to the market the country’s most valuable export crop — tobacco. Ever since the crop started being commercially grown 109 years ago, it has deservedly earned the name Golden Leaf because it has …

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Why Zimbabwe is on the path to progress

Prof Mthuli Ncube Special Correspondent Zimbabwe is on a journey of reform. Nobody ever said it wouldn’t be a bumpy ride; but the most important thing is that the journey has begun, and we are heading in the right direction. The Transitional Stabilisation Programme (TSP), the first step of Government’s …

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Sanctions affect response to natural disasters

July Moyo Correspondent I rise to give a statement on the condition of Cyclone Idai which has affected people in Manicaland and many other provinces and to state what Government is undertaking in order to relieve the pressure that the people in Manicaland as well as in other provinces are …

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Decriminalisation the way to go

Nearly five years ago, then Chinhoyi regional magistrate Mr Never Katiyo sentenced 39-year-old Nyengedzai Bheka to 15 years in prison for wilfully transmitting HIV to a 17-year-old pupil. In his ruling, Mr Katiyo said infection of that nature was tantamount to a death penalty on the girl since she was …

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Confronting flooding disasters

Correspondents Severe floods in Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe have affected up to 1,5 million people and left up to more than 300 dead after Cyclone Idai tore through the three countries. The death toll is rising as rescuers race against the clock to help survivors, while the governments, NGOs and …

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US double standards sickening

Philemon Mutedzi Correspondent The humanitarian assistance that is being unveiled by the United States and the European Union to Zimbabwe to mitigate the effects of Cyclone Idai is welcome. The assistance will go a long way in alleviating the plight of our brothers and sisters, who are either injured, dead, …

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