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Zimbabwe’s Marriage Laws Need Urgent Harmonisation

OPINIONBy Godwills Masimirembwa Zimbabwe’s marriage laws, in so far as they affect indigenous Zimbabweans, are in a mess because the executive and legislature have failed to harmonise the conflicting systems of marriage laws. Prior to colonisation Zimbabweans had their own common law. Although there were peculiar customs here and there, …

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Every drop counts, as rain water harvesting saves the day

A woman collects water from a resevoir Tinomuda Chakanyuka FOR many, the aphorism “water is life”, remains nothing more than just a catch-line for a water conservation campaign. But as yet another maxim would put it, literarily, “you never miss the water till the well runs dry”, it may take …

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From the archives: Locating Pathisa Nyathi’s epistemic premise

Kwame Nkrumah Richard Runyararo Mahomva FOR the past few weeks, I have been discussing the consequential impact of Zimbabwe’s political outlook and how it has shaped evolution of knowledge production. Much of the matters I discussed explicitly indicated the extent to which Zimbabwe is gradually ascending the far-stretched heights of …

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President Mugabe an iconic leader

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe Crystabel Chikayi, Features Reporter I was listening to an ancient video clip on the interviews that were done when President Mugabe came into office in 1980: the joy that the people had that finally they had overthrown the white man. The people were very happy, gladly announcing …

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Why you shouldn’t neglect bleeding gums

Dr Anitha Anchan Have bleeding gums? Don’t neglect it. It could be anything right from an infection to a life threatening bleeding disorder. If you dread biting into an apple due to the fear of seeing your blood on it, it’s time you see a dentist for your bleeding gums. …

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EDITORIAL COMMENT: Xenophobia has no place in modern society

WE are appalled by the resurgence of xenophobic violence in South Africa and call on the Government in that country to clamp down on the phenomenon and deal ruthlessly with criminal elements out to spread hate and animosity. A group calling itself the Mamelodi Concerned Residents yesterday organised a protest …

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ZACC needs teeth to fight graft

Mr Speaker Sir, Lloyd Gumbo President Mugabe raised an important point during his 93rd birthday interview with Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation TV where he indicated that some of the allegations of corruption were mere allegations with no grain of evidence. People have the tendency of making sweeping statements when it comes …

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Digesting President Mugabe’s opinion of Trump

Obi Egbuna Jnr Simunye Because President Mugabe’s birthday happens to be the same day Malcolm X was assassinated at the Audubon Ballroom in Harlem, Mother Africa’s children at home and abroad have always considered this day both bitter and sweet. While we are more determined than ever to force US …

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