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Surviving the dilemma of office politics

By Emmanuel Zvada Sometimes, even if you are the innocent party, you can be affected so there is no need to be afraid of office politics. High performers are those who have understood the art of winning in office politics. If you want to become a full-fledged professional in your …

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Bread basket status for Zim: Financial inclusion the way to go

By David Mhlanga Many people who benefited from the 2000 land reform programme especially the communal and small-scale farmers are the victims of financial exclusion, rendering land one of the valuable assets a nation can have to be dead capital. Commentators, researchers and scholars have come up with their own …

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Zanu-PF’s Manifesto Embraces All Races

By Gibson Nyikadzino The colonial history of Africa, Latin America and Asia makes a sad reading. The brutality that characterised the process highlighted the degree to which man, without restraint, can terribly get away with murder. Millions were displaced, maimed or murdered. History, which has been thoroughly edited, has given …

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Understanding Socio-Economic Rights in Zim

By Sharon Hofisi We desire social cohesion and economic security, yearn for better living standards, and require fulfilling lives for ourselves and our posterity. But for most of us these expectations are like mere wishful thinking. Our society is filled with economic and social woes which make us appear like …

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Taming Government Expenditure

By Victor Bharoma Victor Bhoroma is business analyst with expertise in strategic marketing and business management aspects Zimbabwe’s finance ministry made a bold budget presentation of $5,071 billion in anticipated revenues against a planned expenditure bill of $5,743 billion. The budget deficit is expected to ease to $672 million from …

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Election 2018, the Propaganda Model

By Reason Wafawarova French author Jean-Marie Domenach defines propaganda as “an attempt to influence the opinion and the conduct of a society in such a way that the people adopt a predetermined opinion and conduct.” John H. Burma defines it as “a systematic, planned attempt by an interested person or …

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Government handling of fuel crisis shambolic

The past few days have been characterised by fuel shortages, which the government should deal with urgently. The government should have foreseen the possibility of fuel shortages and done everything in its power to avert the crisis. Instead, what we are witnessing is a very reactive government, when it should …

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Of spiritual fathers

By Erasmus Makarimayi On the other hand, there are others who wished the Bible didn’t say certain things it says. The Bible is God’s mind to us. As a follower of this column, you know that his mind is grace and this grace is Christ Jesus, who is God’s Word, …

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Media reforms a must before elections

The issue of media reform has once again resurfaced, as State media continue with its skewed coverage, which is in favour of the ruling Zanu PF. Why this is an issue to this day beggars belief, as the Constitution, adopted five years ago is quite clear on the operations of …

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