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This won’t be a walk in the park

The swearing-in today of Cabinet ministers appointed by President Mnangagwa last week marks an important milestone in the history of the Second Republic. The President’s “dream team” carries a heavy burden on its shoulders as it becomes the first Cabinet in the post-Mugabe era to lead the country in charting …

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Corruption a blot on our collective conscience

Reason Wafawarova on Monday I am a fund-raiser by profession, and I work mainly with aid organisations that specialise in international humanitarian work. Often it is not easy to balance between the dire need for humanitarian intervention and the issue of Africa’s continental identity, dignity, pride and sovereignty. There are …

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Mnangagwa silences critics with new Cabinet

Lloyd Msipa Correspondent A developmental Cabinet, I would call it. Brilliant balance between old and trusted hands, technocrats and youthfulness. A well thought out Cabinet that balances the competing demands of the economy and politics. The appointment of Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri as Defence minister is a masterstroke. This ministry was being …

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Economic doomsayers eat humble pie

Prosperity Mzila Correspondent Leader of the Movement for Democratic Change Alliance (MDC-A), Nelson Chamisa, huffed and puffed during his rallies, threatening to make Zimbabwe ungovernable, if the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) failed to pronounce him as the winner of the June 2018 harmonised elections. His exact words were “hakudyiwi rinopisa, …

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Promoting domestic tourism

Leroy Dzenga Features Writer Whenever a road trip is being planned, the logistics part is always a present headache. The transport question has stood between many travel enthusiasts and their favourite destinations. As a result, many shelve their plans and domestic tourism takes a knock. Pamushana Africa, a local transport …

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Machiavellianism as a means to an end

Elliot Ziwira @ The Book Store Machiavellianism as a strategy has been used in politics for ages to gain and maintain power. The strategy, which is driven by self-interest, thrives in running with the hares and hunting with the hounds, which always keeps both sides running. Ousmane Sembene’s “The Last …

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The invisible black man in white Rhodesian literature

Gracious Madondo Correspondent Ignorance is not bliss. Whoever said ignorance was bliss must have been high on something. Ignorance is dangerous because it can lead to suicidal decisions. Knowledge is power because it is through knowledge that one can navigate the vagaries of life with the rigour of an empowered …

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ED chooses strong team for Cabinet

President Mnangagwa promised a new-look Cabinet of high-end talent and yesterday he delivered with a core of seasoned political leaders joined by lot of new faces, almost all being top professionals in their spheres now “doing their bit” for their country and several preparing to make their maiden speechs in …

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7 ways to develop other leaders

You become more valuable the moment you add value to others. “Greatness is in everybody. A good supervisor brings out the greatness in each employee. Leadership is creating an environment that allows people to manifest their gifts for the corporate good. That is good business, and that is great leadership” …

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