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Normative echoes for peaceful polls

Sharon Hofisi Legal Letters This article examines the way Zimbabweans in 2017 and 2018 used peace as a uniting tool, their reasons for doing so, and the hope to continue blowing the sirens of peace before, during and after the elections. The background is the 2013 elections which largely went …

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South Africa, our collective amnesia will kill us

I once wrote here that poverty and lack of education were the biggest enemies of democracy. In hindsight, that list was incomplete, and I apologise. Another enemy of democracy is amnesia, especially collective amnesia. We are not dealing with a nuclear family of enemies of democracy, but an extended one. …

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MDC Alliance Demo – Political Union Running Out of Ideas

By Nobleman Runyanga The MDC Alliance has announced its intention to stage a demonstration in Harare’s city centre this week to protest against aspects of ongoing preparations for July 30 2018. An examination of the political grouping’s basis for the planned demonstration lays bare its increasing frustration – not with …

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Leadership: Boardroom dynamics

By JONAH NYONI Dean and director, Jonathan Foster-Pedley has worked in six continents and has over 30 years of global business experience. He is a former airline pilot and senior executive in the European aerospace industry, and has guided and facilitated cohesion and productivity in international and local multicultural sales …

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A roadmap for African industrialisation

Former Mauritian Prime Minister and President Anerood Jugnauth Africa is at a crossroads. Six of the world’s ten fastest-growing economies are now located in the region, and the continent’s GDP is expected to grow at a rate of 4.1% this year, up from 3.6% in 2017. Yet Africa’s economic growth …

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Opposition’s overconfidence worrying

By Learnmore Zuze Zimbabwe has known the rule of one party since independence. Zanu PF has been the party in power in the last 37 years; their modus operandi is well-known to us. Their style of doing things we have seen; their promises we have heard and the coming into …

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Viva fresh lies

My People, I see most of you have been having a good time about the lying pastor. Maybe lying is too strong a description.By DOCTOR STOP IT Let us call him very creative and imaginative. I mean how many people can bravely tell the world that they have met US …

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Do you know what loving you looks like?

How do you feel about the relationship you have with that voice inside your head? Do you have a positive supportive relationship with this voice or is it your worst critic? with Cynthia C Hakutangwi Do you derive a sense of self-worth from performance or perfection? When witnessing someone else’s …

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A new constitutional state in Africa: Zimbabwe 1980 – 2018

By Oskar Wermter SJ In 1980 legal independence was granted by Great Britain. In the middle of 2018 there will be general elections of Parliament and the President. Elections used to be held every five years. But because of election manipulations these elections were often considered not entirely legal. Former …

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