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92 Year Old Zimbabwe President: I Never Said I am Retiring

Dear Cabinet and Politburo members COMRADES, I notice that the media has been awash with misleading reports suggesting that I am abandoning the revolution by hanging my political boots. This is certainly not true. Neither did I say anything remotely in that direction. That was dangerously misleading, and I thought it …

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Robert Mugabe Street, Zimbabwe’s Most Embarrassing Road

By Farai Mabeza TOURISM and Hospitality Minister, Walter Mzembi, knew he had the undivided attention of senior officials from the National Defence College as he spoke, and saw the opportunity provided by an attentive audience to make a point. He lamented the state of Robert Mugabe Road in Harare, named …

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United Nations Reveals Agenda to Slash African Population

The United Nations is just one arm of the elitists seeking to impose a “one-world-government” to replace the independence and self determination of the various nations of the world. In order to achieve their aim of “ruling the world,” a number of social structures must be destroyed. One is religion, …

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#Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe legacy

Beverly L. Peters, American University Robert Mugabe spoke eloquently as Zimbabwe’s Prime Minister Elect in March 1980. He offered a message of hope and unity to a population ravaged by years of war. He spoke of creating a government “capable of achieving peace and stability … and progress.” In the …

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