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Environmental games that foster sustainability

TEACHING children about environmental sustainability practices from a young age helps them retain and incorporate green practices as they mature. There are many intrinsic motivations for learning games, especially those associated with the environment; these are what we call green games. Sustainability is the on-going capacity of the earth to …

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Mending a broken economy

Mthuli Ncube’s first week in office as Zimbabwe’s new Finance minister must have been quite a sobering experience. The high-flying economist left a more palatial environment in Geneva, where he was heading the research unit of an investment management firm, Quantum Global Group. Quantum Global, which has a special focus …

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A bread and butter issue

EMPTY national coffers, poor rains and harvests, disease outbreaks, skyrocketing bread prices and a restless populace. Zimbabwe? The French Revolution in the 18th century actually. Editorial But yes, the same applies to the impoverished southern African nation. Zimbabwe is by all accounts broke. Without foreign aid or significant inflows of …

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Cholera: Dirty pandemic, dirtier politics

A PALL has been cast over Zimbabwe as the cholera pandemic has ravaged Harare’s suburbs with the grim prospects that the outbreak could spread, claiming more lives. It is like we are back in 2008 when an outbreak of the water-borne disease claimed thousands of lives and affected thousands more. …

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Atoning for colonialism

Reason Wafawarova on Monday History is laden with wrongs inflicted by the conquest of the powerful, be it on colonial subjects, on slaves during the slave trade, or on the total hunt-down of Christians during the Roman Empire era. We are very clear on the colonial wrongs inflicted by the …

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Tracing the origins of misery

Leroy Dzenga Features Writer A reputation for typhoid and cholera outbreaks has developed in Glen View, Budiriro and other south-western suburbs judging by recent trends. As in the year 2008 when Zimbabwe had the last widespread cholera outbreak, Budiriro was the epicentre of the outbreak. A decade later, Glen View …

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It could be any one of us

Tanaka Chidora Literature Today Sometime this year, I travelled to a foreign country to attend a graduation ceremony. The journey gobbled around 36 hours of my life, to and fro. A week after I returned to Zimbabwe, I woke up at 5am as usual to go to the gym (happens …

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Time to arrest crisis in written Shona poetry

Memory Chirere Correspondent It is my subjective view that considered against work from yesteryear, some recent poetry anthologies in Shona leave a lot to be desired. The craft and message have drastically gone down. These contemporary group anthologies tend to carry poems that are contrived. Few of these poems have …

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MDC-Alliance reading from Odinga playbook

Simon Allison Correspondent WHEN Nelson Chamisa last week announced his intention to inaugurate himself as the “people’s president” of Zimbabwe, he was following in the footsteps of other African opposition leaders — specifically Uganda’s Kizza Besigye and Kenya’s Raila Odinga, both of whom rejected election results and staged their own …

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