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The economy may never rise under a Zanu PF leadership

There is no apparent sign of a vote of no confidence than an economy that is refusing to respond to various policy prescriptions amid growing destitution. In three months’ time, this administration will have clocked exactly one year on the government decks, by which time their footprint on the economy …

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Digital storytelling for children key to climate change adaptation

Without undermining the gift of traditional storytelling as a comprehensive and powerful tool, used by the elders to educate children, nurture their listening skills and as a form of recreation — while the children are passive recipients of information, storytelling remains a powerful communication tool for engaging children. With the …

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Savannah Revolution . . . Zimbabweans beware!

Code-named “Savannah Revolution” and running under the theme “Political Revolution, National Order and Economic Revolution in Zimbabwe”, the implementation of the operation through violent means has been set for June 25 2019. However, indications are that they have since moved up the date to early June. A two-day workshop held …

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Will free trade be Africa’s economic game changer?

The ambitious African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) which technically enters into force on May 30 could be the game changer for Africa’s hitherto lacklustre economy. Driven by Rwandan President Paul Kagame, the process of reaching this point may well have broken all African records. African Union member states launched …

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Individualism, self blame and success

One of the ideologies often projected to maintain the dominance of elites and superior nations is the ideology of individualism. Success and failure are individualised in a world where everything happens under the do-your-own-thing and I-do-my-own-thing philosophy. In this case individual failure is seen as the result of what we …

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EDITORIAL COMMENT : Silo Foods needs strict monitoring

SILO Foods Industries, a fully-fledged commercial business unit created by the Grain Marketing Board (GMB), has opened 84 retail shops countrywide and its products are the cheapest in the country. Suffice to say the de-merger of Silo Industries from GMB is part of Government’s Public Enterprise Reform Programme. The GMB …

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Africa Day – ‘Home Is Best’ Only for a Few

ONE of the best known idioms around the world is: “East or west, home is best.” For the vast majority of those living on this earth, this saying … widely known in its shorter version of “home is best” is an expression of an abiding truth. For citizens of most …

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