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No need to panic, hoard — retailers

THE INTERVIEW Eliot Ziwira EZ: There have been rather wanton price increases by retailers lately amid panic-buying by consumers; a situation that does not augur well with the generality of citizens who feel that they are being short-changed by profiteers. What is your response to that? DM: It’s unfortunate that we …

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Zim economy calls for dedicated citizenry

Prosperity Mzila Correspondent When one listens to people’s conversations either in public transport, shopping malls, in the banking halls and whispers in private conversations, the topic is about the superficially downward spiral the economy has abruptly taken. At first glance or to the layman on the street it would seem …

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Be responsible, say no to fake news

Stephen Mpofu Correspondent It is probably time that proud Zimbabwean journalists close ranks against some local correspondents of foreign media who have demonstrated a penchant for fake news by putting money upfront against this country’s national interests and with that their noble profession. A typical example of disinformation raising its …

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Formidable Team Tourism set up

Robert Mukondiwa Moving houses is a torrid task, which is why they say a good friend helps you move . . . but a great friend helps you move a body. In case, you know, you accidentally murder someone and would rather not do the time. Now, there is an …

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Letting go of yesterday’s bruises and hurts!

Bishop B. Manjoro Dunamis In life we don’t live alone. We live with people. Some good and some bad. There are some who did you good and some who did you wrong. Some broke your heart. But don’t let that ruin your life, Jesus heals broken hearts! Bruises are so …

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Kambamura: A November 24, 2017 political product

Blessings Chidakwa Mashonaland West Bureau November 24, 2017 will go down in the annuls of history because that is the day Operation Restore Legacy took effect and changed the country’s political landscape. It is that date when politics in Zimbabwe was cleansed of its evils and dirt, paving a way …

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Another milestone for gender parity

IT was another celebratory week for women on the continent as Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Tuesday announced a very radical reshuffle; that saw women occupying 50 percent of the cabinet positions. He also made sure that a number of the women hold key cabinet posts. This included the …

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Remembering Samora Machel

Tinashe Muchuri Correspondent Mourning is for the living. It is the time to remember all the things the living did with the dead. Imagine all the things the living were anticipating to do with the dead; the journeys they were planning to undertake together. It is during that time the …

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Media freedom for socio-economic, democratic transformation

Bishow Parajuli Correspondent Last week, I had the honour of participating in the Zimpapers TV Network (ZTN) media forum that brought together the Permanent Secretary Mr Nick Mangwana and prominent veteran journalists with divergent views. Thanks to ZTN, I was given an opportunity to share my thoughts on the role …

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