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Mbuya Nehanda must be turning in her grave

Ruth Butaumocho Gender Editor ON  April 27, 1898, the district surgeon of Salisbury (now Harare) wrote: “I certify that I have examined the body of Nianda (Nehanda), upon whom sentence of death has been executed, and that life is extinct.” That statement signalled the end of the beginning of an …

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No place for lethargy or brown envelopes

Victoria Ruzvidzo In Focus Zimbabwe is a country that needs to rise from its current economic doldrums but the earlier we all realise it is not business as usual the better for our country. It is sad and quite disturbing that while President Mnangagwa and his team are going high …

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EDITORIAL COMMENT: Korean Summit rings hope for humanity

United States civil rights activist leader Martin Luther King Jnr once said: “We are not the makers of history, we are made by history.” Today is such a day as the international community witnesses history in the making, as the historical Inter-Korea Summit kicks off in South Korea. It was …

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Zanu-PF: The proverbial suitor?

On April 19, 2018, a few hours after Independence Day holiday, NewsDay carried an opinion piece by its deputy editor, Nqaba Matshazi, questioning the genuineness of Zanu-PF’s recent fascination with the Rwandese and Chinese economic models. He could have added the Russian model as well to make his argument even …

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Chamisa the person enriching Chamisa the moment

It all began two years ago when MDC-T president Morgan Tsvangirai appointed a then 38-year-old Nelson Chamisa as one of his two additional vice presidents following his diagnosis with cancer of the colon on June 27 2016, which appointment signified a novel moment in the politics of a young country …

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Freedom of expression on shaky ground in Southern Africa

As the world prepares to commemorate World Press Freedom Day in Accra on May 3, there is very little to celebrate in Southern Africa, the very region in which the Windhoek Declaration that gave birth to the day was crafted. By NHLANHLA NGWENYA From South Africa to the Democratic Republic …

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Khupe, Chamisa need to find each other

ONE of the greatest public secrets in Zimbabwe’s political landscape is that the opposition MDC-T, in particular, has very limited trust in the country’s Judiciary. The scepticism with which the opposition party regards the Judiciary has resulted in public conjecture and unpalatable comments, including some bordering on characterising this important …

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Mnangagwa must not rush in proclaiming electoral dates

April 30, in five days’ time, marks the first day when the President can proclaim an election date and this should be worrying considering how little has been done so far towards amending the Electoral Act. Debate on the amendments to electoral laws was postponed to next month, meaning the …

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Job creation, a misguided public policy goal

Job creation is a misguided public policy goal and politician ruse to hoodwink the electorate. The alternative and more pragmatic goal should be to enhance country competitiveness and efficient productivity. Its lowering cost (and prices) of goods and services that matter and it is unlikely to be achieved by having …

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