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Passion that grew into a business

Leroy Dzenga Features Writer When Natasha Rushesha (23) finished her college in the United Kingdom in 2017, she opted to return to Zimbabwe. Armed with a Business Management degree from the University of Portsmouth, she proceeded to test the applicability of her gained knowledge on home turf. In her mind …

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Who Said Women Can’t Do Metal Work?

By Rumbidzai Ngwenya “Your only limitations are those you set up in your mind or permit others to set up for you,” writes Og Mandino and it’s true. For a long time, there are professional limitations that society has set up for women and they have let it. But Annie …

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Delusions of Intellectualism

By Reason Wafawarova Just like the media, intellectualism is often overrated as both a source of truth and of accurate information — more so in the field of socio-political commentary. Blatantly partial academic political activists sometimes find themselves in the luxury of being showered with accolades and cheer-leading adulations for …

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Candidates must shun hate speech

WITH the general elections due in 20 days and political temperatures at their peak, we call on the political actors to exercise extreme restraint and stick to the dictates of the peace pledge which they recently signed to. We are aware that during the remaining campaign period, there is always …

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Police presence critical for peace, social order

The euphoria that accompanied the November 2017 removal of former president Robert Mugabe and the ushering in of a new government order led by his ex-deputy, Emmerson Mnangagwa, saw the total removal of the police from the highways, city streets and generally everywhere. Police became confined to their stations as …

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The numbers are out, Zimbabwe is afraid

A country that does not respect information will not prosper. Zimbabwe exhibits a fundamental disrespect for information. As such our approach to issues is driven by emotions, not information. By Edmund Kudzayi The recent April/May Afrobarometer survey provides useful information regarding the upcoming election. It is incumbent on us to …

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‘Officially opening a WhatsApp account’

My People, I must say, I was totally surprised to read in The Horrid newspaper an official announcement that the new Head of State and Government and Commander in Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces and Chancellor of all state universities had opened a WhatsApp account! By DOCTOR STOP IT …

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Mangudya’s colourless phishing joke

I miss Gideon Gono. That’s only because John Mangudya, his successor at the central bank, is that turtle you can’t pick out from the rocks, which when it strays onto the road, looks and sounds like a toad. WITH TAWANDA MAJONI Gono did lots of stupid things, but in a …

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