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Africa’s true hero, Mugabe or Mandela?

Mugabe like Mandela, he was a black revolutionary, a prisoner, turned president who avowed racial reconciliation and became a darling of the west. Like Mandela, he lost his father around the age of 10, became politically active at South Africa’s Fort Hare University, and suffered the death of a son. Like …

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Grace Mugabe to become VP if Mugabe steps down

The possibility of Mugabe retiring early and not to die in office is on the cards. Oppah Muchinguri has given that scenario more mileage when she was asked by journalists whether the removal of Mujuru and the appointment of an all-male “top three” at State and in the ruling party …

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Dr. Grace Mugabe ruling Zimbabwe

HARARE – Analysts say there is a real danger that Zanu PF hardliners are manipulating First Lady Grace Mugabe knowing fully well that she now wielded undue influence on President Robert Mugabe. In interviews with the Daily News on Sunday yesterday, the analysts said all indications were that Grace was …

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By Reason Wafawarova Our politicians must come to a fundamental understanding that life must carry a sense of direction, from past to present, and from present to future, otherwise it is simply not worthy the journey of living. No doubt we Zimbabweans are often given this unprolific present based on …

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“Mujuru backstabbing Mugabe and marketing self.”

FIRED Vice-President Joice Mujuru is now seeking public sympathy through her statements while also challenging President Robert Mugabe for failing to address “bread and butter” issues, analysts have said. MOSES MATENGA STAFF REPORTER They said Mujuru’s statement on Monday where she denied allegations of trying to topple Mugabe was a …

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Mujuru will not be arrested

‘Should prosecution be initiated, it would be perceived more as political persecution rather than criminal prosecution’.CHANCES that Vice-President Joice Mujuru, accused of attempting to topple President Robert Mugabe among a raft of other allegations, will be prosecuted are slim, political analysts have said. The analysts told The Standard last week …

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Mutasa gamatoxed into oblivion

THE ZANU-PF secretary for administration, who is also Minister of Presidential Affairs, Didymus Mutasa, must be ruing the day he came up with the term “gammatox”. Cunningly coining the mischievous term, at the height of political power in the presence of adoring supporters and praise singers, Mutasa was untouchable only …

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Divided MDC is ZANU PF’s blessing

IN a sense the low-key reunification of the MDC factions led by Tendai Biti (MDC Renewal Team) and Welshman Ncube, sealed at a ceremony on Wednesday, is auspicious in that it raises hope of consolidating what is now a splintered and ineffectual opposition. CANDID COMMENT BY STEWART CHABWINJA The name …

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