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Zimbabweans cannot stomach empty promises

By Moses Chamboko It resembles the “unopenga” era of Dr Stop It when she would say anything, including obscenities in front of school children. It is like when Zanu PF promised 2,2 million jobs in 2013 but, instead, thousands of people found themselves on the streets without a job. Not …

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Bereka mwana tiende campagn: Giving credit where its due

By Roy Muroyi It is a matter of public knowledge that Zec cannot be trusted with the election, but the voter registration numbers that have been presented are overwhelming. According to Zec, more than 5,5 million people have registered to vote in Zimbabwe’s general elections set for mid-2018. People can …

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Understanding our system of government

By Alex T. Magaisa This could help voters make informed choices as the country heads towards another general election in a few months’ time. A politically literate electorate is a critical component in building a liberal democratic culture. Political literacy helps voters to make informed decisions during elections. However, over …

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7 key points for candidates, voters in 2018 elections

By Takura Zhangazha Whether they be offshoots of the ruling Zanu PF party or its main opponent the MDC-T, nascent parties and independent candidates they make for a cacophony of political ambitions and interests. And I guess in relation to the values of what would be a democracy, “the more, …

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Mnangagwa should prove Zimbabwe is really open for business

The hyped President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s sojourn to China has come and gone. Of course the visit is politically key to Mnangagwa, who is looking to getting a fresh mandate to lead the country following former President Robert Mugabe’s ouster. But, now is the time for Mnangagwa to prove that his …

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The ethics of reducing inequality

Kaushik Basu Correspondent Even in older democracies such as the United States, economic marginalisation has led to a strengthening of chauvinist and supremacist identities and other social problems such as the opioid epidemic. These trends have been ongoing for some time. But, according to Branko Milanovic of the City University …

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No excuses, electoral reforms are all around us

Tinomudaishe Chinyoka Correspondent A scarecrow does not really do anything to crows. It certainly does not scare crows. Instead, the crows see it and, on the basis of an assumption that they make about the threat it poses to their life and limb, the crows are scared away. It is …

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Chamisa should stop grandstanding

Nick Mangwana View from the Diaspora Let us say things as they are. Threats to boycott elections are a very stupid idea, especially in cases where one is singing the threat as part of some attention seeking tomfoolery. This is one of those things in politics where brinkmanship does not …

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You are your own leader: Quit complaining

By Sifiso Masiye I guess some of this life’s greatest lessons do come with the seasons and you so wish you’d known it all a whole lot earlier. Urban “civilisation” and its attendant consumerist fads that create a never-ending rat race, an imprisoning desire to trend and to “fit in” …

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