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Zanu-PF on a positive transformation

Tendai Guta Correspondent The fall of zanu-pf bigwigs during the ruling party’s primary elections and the coming on board of new and energetic elements is a clear testimony that the new zanu-pf now enjoys democracy and is re-inventing itself ahead of harmonised elections on July 30 to deal with emerging …

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Youth in the driving seat of agricultural revolution

Ali Said Correspondent Youths face many structural, financial, technological and knowledge barriers to participate in agriculture. In some cases, the youths have challenges accessing land while those that have pieces of land and produce struggle to find viable markets for the produce whether crop or livestock. Addressing these barriers will …

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What should we expect from Zim elections?

A COUP in November 2017, now elections in July. After years of waiting for post-Mugabe politics in Zimbabwe, the new dispensation is in full campaigning mode, amidst international re-engagement and promises of a bright future ahead — provided those elections are free, fair and credible. But how likely is that, …

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Zim should consider adopting China’s renminbi

For almost two decades, Zimbabwe has battled debilitating effects of economic sanctions imposed by Britain and her allies after the country implemented a land reform programme that has seen over 400 000 households, including opposition party members, being proud owners of prime farmland. However, besides being ostracised for embarking on …

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Tinashe Jonas’ foul language unacceptable

Hildegarde The Arena THE July 30 harmonised elections are historic because they are the first ever elections in post-independent Zimbabwe where former president Robert Mugabe and the late opposition MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai will be missing from the ballot paper. Notwithstanding, it will be a very busy and interesting chessboard …

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Rules of engagement for new political culture

Christopher Farai Charamba Political Writer Polarisation has for a long time been the default state of the political landscape in Zimbabwe. A single opinion would leave one boxed with a particular party, usually ZANU-PF or MDC-T. Support land reform or mention the detrimental effect of sanctions and you are accused …

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Living in the past, infecting the future

Tinomudaishe Chinyoka Correspondent A long time ago, before mobile phones and WhatsApp changed the way we communicate, before the telephone and radio, humanity communicated in person, needing to physically be in one place to pass on or receive messages. While this was not always unduly problematic, it had tragic consequences …

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Chamisa playing games with smaller parties

Nobleman Runyanga Correspondent The house which the late MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai built in 2017 with the co-operation of six other opposition parties is falling apart. Its centre is failing to hold any longer and the political outfit is set to crumble ahead of the July 30 harmonised elections. Right …

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Equipping marginalised farmers for impact of globalisation

Charles Dhewa Although digital technology is beginning to show potential for increasing the impact of individual knowledge, in most African marginalised communities, community knowledge will remain important for a long time. Unfortunately, many development interventions are meddling with African communities’ capacity to make sense of knowledge. Development actors sincerely want …

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