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When Corruption Becomes a Way of Life

A vice that has besotted humanity since time immemorial, corruption is a cancer that has the capacity to eat into the core of national ethos if allowed to persist. The Bible condemns the vice in Isaiah 1v4 where it says: “Ah, sinful nation; a people laden with iniquity, offspring of …

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Unpacking Tsvangirai’s Funeral Crowd

Now that MDC-T founder Morgan Tsvangirai’s funeral is over, the chickens have come home to roost. People are beginning to sober up and indeed reality is setting in. Those who thought the mourners who gathered for the funeral could transform into voting figures are very lost and should start rethinking. …

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First Lady With a Heart of Gold

It has been said that the death of one’s own child is the worst, the most painful, loss that a human can face. Death is a terrible enemy, and it wounds all of us in one way or another. Just like in the Bible when Jesus’ mother, Mary, grieved over …

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Man Who Harboured ‘Fugitive’ ED Speaks Out

By Robert Mukondiwa It is midnight in a glamorous well-kept office building in the heart of a bright treading estate-like area. It could be anywhere – Zurich, Manchester, London, Bogota. But it is Pretoria, South Africa. A man sits comfortably waiting for his next meeting. An interview which shall be …

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ZEC Has Big Trust Issues to Deal With

By Innocent Batsani Ncude “Trust is earned when actions meet words.” — Chris Butler. Two weeks ago, my article on vote buying torched a storm and I got a lot of feedback from readers. Some were in praise but others were raising alternative arguments. I value both and let us …

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Restore Property Rights On Agric Land

By John Robertson Politicians, during recent upbeat and optimistic presentations, have often repeated the statement that Zimbabwe will never go back on land reform. They appear to be suggesting that whatever arguments might have existed, we should all accept that they have all been settled and there is nothing left …

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Mugabe Lonely On His Birthday

By Brian Hungwe In our series of letters from Africa, we consider the fate of ousted president Robert Mugabe as he celebrates his 94th birthday. A famous quote by Machiavelli advises politicians: “It is better to be feared than loved — if you cannot have both.” However, the Italian Renaissance …

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Harare Must Rise to the Occasion

The mayhem that characterised Harare’s Central Business District (CBD) and its feeder roads for the better part of yesterday could have been avoided with proper planning and pre-launch drills. While we appreciate the need to de-congest the city and keep it decent, yesterday’s banning of commuter omnibuses from entering the …

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Leadership Change Ushers New Era for Zimbabwe

By Christopher Farai Charamba Zimbabwe has reached the end of an era. No longer will the visages of Cde Robert Mugabe or Mr Morgan Tsvangirai grace a national ballot paper or campaign T-shirt. For close to 20 years, the two faces stood polarised within the arena of national politics. During …

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