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Let’s fill the gap in civil protection

Zimbabwe is not often hit by cyclones, but when they do move this far inland they can cause more deaths and destruction than they should, largely because their rarity makes communities complacent and knowledge is forgotten. The Civil Protection Units are far more knowledgeable and a lot of effort is …

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Sanctions and the Bloody System We Inherited

We are under sanctions from the United States, the European Union and other Western outposts like Australia, New Zealand and Canada, and the ruin of the sanctions is without doubt. Our industries have hardly been functional for almost two decades, our hospitals are in a sorry state as the recent …

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‘Effective policy vital to counter transmittable diseases’

BY TONDERAYI MATONHO While Trans-frontier Conservation Areas (TFCAs), which re-established the movement of wildlife within larger landscapes, minus fencing, are a welcome concept in recent years in boosting economic development and biodiversity conservation, the absence of a formal policy on animal disease control has negative impacts on public health, agriculture, …

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Situation in hospitals a damning indictment on government

A signature characteristic of former President Robert Mugabe (pictured)’s administration was silence in the face of crippling crises. Zimbabweans, at the height of Mugabe’s rule, had become resigned to fate. At times, the ageing leader would just, but pay lip service to the pressing concerns of a burdened country. One …

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Religion and development in Africa

Weekends in Africa tend to be occupied by praise and worship by different religions. Religion has always been part of human history in their quest for an interface with their creator. But what role has religion played in the social and economic development of a society or lack thereof? Religion …

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Politicians’ lack of climate change literacy disastrous

guest column: Peter Makwanya As climate change-induced disasters continue to wreak havoc in southern Africa where lives are lost and infrastructure destroyed, our politicians appear confused, clueless, empty and banal. Their usual loud-mouths and glib died down when the unwanted guest, in the name of Cyclone Idai, gave the region …

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Unpacking Africa’s peacekeeping dilemma

Gustavo de Cavahlo Correspondent Over the past five years, there has been a great deal of debate about the African Union’s (AU) ability to rapidly deploy a combat force in crisis situations. Neither of the two bodies intended for this purpose —the African Capacity for Immediate Response to Crises (ACIRC) …

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Cyclone Idai: Wake-up call to climate change

For doubting Thomases, Tropical Cyclone Idai brings vital lessons that climate change is now with us. The deadly cyclone, whose effects were mainly felt in Manicaland, left death and destruction of property in its wake. The increase in cyclones and other extreme weather phenomena like droughts and floods, clearly indicate …

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Increasing your net worth- Purpose

SUCCESS LIFE: JONAH NYONI The best thing in life is to discover one’s purpose early. When you discover your purpose, it becomes easy to know what you must do for the rest of your life. Purpose will tell you what to do and what not to do in order to …

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