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EDITORIAL COMMENT: The numbers don’t lie

People have what some would call a strange approach to statistics. Where they do not like the figures, they discard the science — regardless of how unscientific the disputation itself is. But it is not strange at all. It is merely a reflection of statistics denial fed by wilful statistical …

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Why Africa has failed 50 years after independence

By Patrick Katagata I read this intriguing observation: ‘Three words come to mind when people try to explain the future of Africa’s first generation after independence: leadership; tribalism; and resources. They are not bad starting points, but they do not fully explain why Africa, free at last, endowed with enormous …

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A Post-Colonial Mentality Persists in Africa

After enduring many years of servitude and domination by their colonizers, Africans decided to take up arms and reclaim their freedom and possessions. The battle was tough and many people paid the ultimate price, but it was eventually won. Throughout the colonial era, Africans longed for a return to their …

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EDITORIAL COMMENT: Be wary of social media misinformation

Dr Mangudya Zimbabwean economy is on a recovery trajectory buoyed by this season’s bumper harvest and the rebound of the mining sector much to the chagrin of the country’s detractors. The prophets of doom who have been predicting a total collapse of the economy which they hoped to ride on …

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UNWTO: It’s now or never for Africa

In the office: Dr Walter Mzembi ,endorsed by his country Zimbabwe as well as SADC and the AU , is Africa’s united candidate for the UNWTO secretary general position here he stands amidst some of the many awards and memorabilia he has accumulated as Zimbabwe’s minister of tourism Freedom Mupanedemo …

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Opposition crowded out

File pic: Opposition leaders showed arrogance when they got into office via the inclusive Government. They emitted it, they swaggered it like peacocks and it rolled off their tongues Joram Nyathi Spectrum MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai says he will not accept defeat, or will reject it, if he loses next …

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