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Lack of communication breeds speculation, mistrust

WHEN Finance minister Mthuli Ncube indicated in his Monetary Review Statement that Zimbabweans should tighten their belts and brace for the worst, as the government seeks to correct many of the past errors that have driven the economy into the current mess, he should have known it would do more …

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Power relations may affect climate engagement

CLIMATE change engagement for sustainable development is ideologically tilted in favour of rich and powerful nations, which, in turn, produce more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Peter Makwanya The state of their economies and the enormous industrial power and technological sophistications may aid in the production of unequal power relations …

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We told you so!

SOMETIMES it’s nice to be right, that does not often happen, but in this case I am sorry that those of us who had said we are headed for trouble, were right. Eddie Cross I am referring to the first statement by our new super star Minister of Finance Mthuli …

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Together Zimbabwe shall overcome

Friday and early Saturday presented a real bonanza for purveyors of negative news as it became apparent that a number of service stations in cities and towns did not have fuel. Instead, queues meandered wherever the commodity was found. The headlines screamed about the long-prayed for crisis that should force …

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SA, Security Council and foreign policy

Gustavo de Carvalho Correspondent The key question for South Africa is how it will position itself in relation to other Security Council members. A focus on economic diplomacy could mean balancing competing interests between traditional partners in the West and BRICS partners in the Council. For South Africa — Africa’s …

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Fixing the economy not a stroll in the park

Isdore Guvamombe Assistant Editor This is not time for cosmetic economic reforms. It is time for corrective surgery, painful as it might be. And, painful as it should be, the Government of Zimbabwe has understood the need to bravely tackle it. With the birth of the new Cabinet, the theatre …

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Politics and the neurotic economy

Reason Wafawarova on Monday OUR politicians must come to a fundamental understanding that life must carry a sense of direction, from past to present, and from present to future, otherwise it is simply not worthy the journey of living. No doubt we Zimbabweans are often given this present based on …

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Haritatos: Born for servant leadership

Ruth Butaumocho 2nd Republic Profiles Born after independence in 1980, Cde Vangelis Haritatos was never worried about the colour of his skin, but like any other Zimbabwean, he was miffed by racial discrimination. Hailing from a Greek family whose ideology was deeply rooted in the liberation struggle and the ruling …

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Why do things happen the way they do?

Tanaka Chidora Literature Today I grew up surrounded by positive people who could rummage for positive things from a heap of debris. They could interpret every minuscule event of life and give it new positive meaning, and if they could not, they would assign it to some higher and divine …

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