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The succession of Robert Mugabe and its challenges

Unbeknownst to many, Zimbabwe has had two presidents since gaining independence on 18 April 1980. Canaan Banana was the country’s first black president and served as head of state for seven years between 1980 and 1987. His memory has been relegated to the dustbin of history partially because the real …

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Why I refuse to condemn #Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe

It is clear why Zimbabweans want a change of government, writes Adolf Mkenda, but it isn’t clear why the West has been more critical of Mugabe than other leaders with worse records on human rights and democracy. Mkenda argues that two key factors sparked this response: The international connections of …

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#Zimbabwe Youth Should Be the Leading Voice for Change

ANALYSISBy Lauren Tracey and Muneinazvo Kujeke Youth protests against inequality – specifically for free or low-cost education – have led to successful changes in government action, particularly in South Africa. Today marks the 41st anniversary of the 1976 Soweto Youth Uprising and reminds us of the power of young people. …

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#Zimbabwe cash crisis drives grassroots corruption

Cash crisis drives grassroots corruption Government invented a cash crisis last year by introducing bond notes. And, because of that weird creativity, Zimbabwe is now saddled with swelling corruption in the financial sector. corruptionwatch WITH TAWANDA MAJONI Whenever the word “corruption” is mentioned our imagination jumps to fat, chauffeur-driven hoodlums …

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