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Infighting in the Opposition Not Helpful

The chaos that has engulfed the country’s biggest opposition party, the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T), five months before the make-or-break elections, is a sad development and a betrayal of those who have sacrificed so much, some even with their lives, hoping for change. Hardly a day goes by without …

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Engineers Set Up Center to Expose Fake Degrees

The Zimbabwe Information and Communication Technologies (ZICT) is setting up a database of bonafide degree holders in the country as a way of protecting locals from falling for fake qualifications. The portal will also expose bogus degree holders and online portals that offer fake academic qualifications. Zimbabwe’s highly esteemed university …

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Most Parastatals Must Be Privatised

By David Mutori PRIVATISATION is about transferring underperforming state owned enterprises (SOEs) to those who are in the best positions to run them efficiently. Government has no business competing with private enterprise. Zimbabwe’s SOEs make huge losses but are continuously being bailed by the state and this creates an anti-competitive …

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Prospects of Re-Birth and Zim’s Post-Coup Paradox

It is often said that child birth is a risky, painful, messy, but joyous occasion that ushers in a new life. When the conditions are not ideal or the conception has complications, the carrier of the child titters on the edge of the precipice between death and life. Our forebears …

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UN, EU Free to Monitor Our Elections – President

The United Nations (UN) and the European Union (EU) are welcome to monitor the country’s elections to be held this year, President Mnangagwa has said. In an interview with The Financial Times of Britain this week, President Mnangagwa indicated that Zimbabwe would rejoin the Commonwealth, from where it moved out …

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Fine-Tuning the Agricultural Sector for Economic Revival

There is no doubt as to the centrality of the agricultural sector to Zimbabwe’s economic fortunes. It is to this end that President Emmerson Mnangagwa, in his maiden address to the nation on the occasion of his swearing in as Head of State and Government, acknowledged that the “… economic …

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Moyo Says CIO Spy Killed During Coup, ED and Chiwenga Fully Aware

By Staff Reporter Former Higher and Tertiary Education Minister, Professor Jonathan Moyo, has claimed that a District Intelligence Officer (DIO) in the dreaded Central Intelligence Organization (CIO) was killed while others were raped during the November 15 coup which resulted in the ouster of former President Robert Mugabe. Moyo made …

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School Term Shortened

THE first school term calendar, which in the past has been 13 weeks, has this year been shortened to 11 weeks. Schools opened on January 9 and will close on March 28, yet in the past schools used to close during the first week of April. The shortening of the …

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Guarding the Constitution

In March, Zimbabwe will celebrate the fifth anniversary of its Constitution, which was approved by a popular referendum in 2013. The Constitution was one of the major achievements of the Inclusive Government which governed the country for four years between 2009 and 2013. Nevertheless, in the aftermath of the major …

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