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‘Better to die in battlefield’

COMRADE Gilbert Musekiwa Simon Majiri, whose Chimurenga name was Cde Chabudaishudhu Kufahakuurayi is an unassuming war veteran. Born in 1938, Cde Chabudaishudhu who now stays in Mvurwi, grew up in Shamva, around the Bushu area and went to school up to Standard Six. Cde Chabudaishudhu was part of the Group …

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Bravo Zimbabwean women

Tsungai Chekerwa-Machokoto, Gender IT is that time of the year again where we take special recognition of women and celebrate them. International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8 by people all over the world and the celebrations have become bigger and bigger every year. This year, I would like …

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New curriculum and the prevalent contraries

Minister Dokora Leroy Dzenga Correspondent Primary and Secondary Education Minister Lazarus Dokora has attracted the most attention in the first three months of 2017. His vision for the local education sector has received mixed views across Zimbabwe. The leap of faith he and his ministry took in implementing the new …

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Of bogus awards and regime change crusaders

Joice Mujuru Tawanda Musariri Correspondent The political mega-circus season is upon us again! So Joice was in London just this week, where she had been banished because of belonging to zanu-pf, receiving an award from a shadowy organisation claiming to be authoritative in honouring virtuous women. Virtue my foot! Shortly after …

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Zim motorists under siege

A group of men ponder how to transport crates of opaque beer across Nkankezi River Bridge which was damaged by the rains in Insiza Herald Reporters INCESSANT rains pounding Zimbabwe and the region have left a trail of destruction, especially on the country’s road network that needs massive funding for …

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Business can assist in road repairs

The rodiology centre has engaged a private company to rehabilitate the road Sydney Kawadza Senior Features Writer It is imperative, for some countries, to improve travel times and safety on their local roads and highways, as a way of attracting investment. Ultimately a good road network contributes significantly to economic development. …

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Government must act on transit fraud

Thupeyo Muleya, Opinion EFFICIENT management of ports of entry is critical in the development of any country. In the case of Zimbabwe, there have been more calls to improve service including stamping out corruption and closing leakages that prejudice Government of the much needed revenue. Recently, the Government has come …

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A case for cultural re-awakening

Joram Nyathi, Spectrum TODAY the Spectrum focuses briefly on three matters: the solicitation of public views on the selection of a Chief Justice, the insult to our culture in the definition of a valid marriage, and last week’s Supreme Court ruling which declared the beating of a child in the …

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