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Family planning is a human right

On  Wednesday July 11, Zimbabwe joined the rest of the world in commemorating World Population Day. World Population Day is commemorated each year since 1989, and it is a day the world focuses attention on the importance of population issues. The theme for this year’s commemorations is “Family Planning is …

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Seven faces of Zim’s political patriarchy

Rumbidzai Dube Correspondent In the aftermath of Zimbabwe’s last set of elections in 2013, UN Women issued a glowing statement celebrating the progress made on female political representation. Overnight, the country had jumped up the global rankings for women in Parliament, going from 17 percent to an impressive 35 percent. …

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Mai Mnangagwa’s date with the San

Tendai Rupapa Senior Reporter FORTY-FIVE families live under crowded and squalid conditions in Makhulela area, Thwayithwayi village under Bulilima district, 120km out of Plumtree town. In this part of Zimbabwe, at least eight to 10 family members share one small hut whose roof is made of grass, walls of tin-moulded …

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Things can only only get better

Victoria Ruzvidzo In Focus Zimbabwe is a country that has gone through immense challenges over the past three decades or so, particularly since the days of the Economic Structural Adjustment Programmes (ESAP) that destroyed the country’s social support system and left  people and the economy at large exposed to the …

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Zec’s black-box approach: Ballot politics & electoral risks

Just across the mighty Zambezi River, the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) said: “We cannot go ahead and print the ballot papers for the presidential election without the presence of all the political parties’ representation” ahead of Zambia’s 2016 general election. As a result, political parties and key stakeholders monitored …

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Africa’s chance to bridge gap with EU

The absolute hero of Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde and a leading historical Pan-African figure, Amílcar Cabral, was named by his father after the Carthaginian General Hamilcar Barca, the one that in 241 BC conquered Sicily before occupying most of Iberia. He was born in what is today’s Libya and was …

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Why roads, trains may bring peace to Korean peninsula

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un left his historic Singapore summit with US President Donald Trump last month with a massive political victory in hand, but questions remain how this will help his isolated country in pragmatic terms. A Japanese newspaper reported on Sunday that Kim has asked Chinese President Xi …

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Opportunity conveyed in belts

Hendrix Chanetsa (34) is an emerging entrepreneur who is into distribution of conveyor and transmission belts. He is the founder and owner of a Harare distribution company, National Belting, which started operations in December 2013. Chanetsa told The Herald that National Belting was established as a mining and industrial supplier …

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