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Climate change communities of practices vital for sustainable development

By Peter Makwanya The climate change scenario, best described as the 21st century headache and the mother of all deadlines, has contributed negatively through reduced crop yields, natural disasters, underperforming economies, local and international forced migrations, security threats and health complications among other things. In this regard, it is the …

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Electoral Act

By MIRIAM TOSE MAJOME Civil rights relate to citizens’ participation and in societal and community activities. Civil rights ensure people’s physical and mental integrity in their day-to -day lives in their societies and communities. Conversations and issues about civil rights centre on such issues as racial segregation, gender inclusion, sexual …

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Your shampoo, hair spray and skin lotion may be polluting the air

By Matthew Coggon Now there’s new evidence to suggest that these products are major sources of air pollution. For decades, motor vehicles were considered the primary source of air pollutants in cities. Vehicle exhaust contains multiple pollutants that worsen air quality, including nitrogen oxides, particulate matter and volatile organic compounds …

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Keep on going don’t surrender

By STEVE NYAMBE Hannah the gallant prayer warrior The Bible relates a great inspirational story of a man from Ramathaimzophim whose name was Elkanah. This man had two wives, Hannah and Peninah. Of those two wives, he loved the former. Unfortunately, the former could not bear children for, “the Lord …

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Dhlakama’s death big loss for Renamo, blow to democracy

By Samuel Jack Matikiti Upon assuming power in 1979 after the death of Andre Matsangaissa, Dhlakama led the party for 39 years and in October 1992 he was a signatory of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement between his Mozambique National Resistance (Renamo) and Mozambique Liberation Front (Frelimo), ending 16 years of …

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Enjoying marriage

By JONAH NYONI Two people that came into this institute should be willing to put one brick at time to make their marriage work. Not only one brick at a time, but the right brick all the time. A marriage left to chance, can never fully shine. Again some people …

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Alive in Christ

By Erasmus Makarimayi Victorious Christian living calls for accurate and precise knowledge of the One who lives in you. Without this knowledge believers might live as servants yet they’re sons and daughters of God. The revelation of Christ is the revelation of the believer. Scripture makes it clear that the …

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Zanu manifesto a botched attempt at party renewal

By Enocent Nemuramba That the party saw it fit to exclude him and give passing mention of his “legacy”, if the speeches delivered at the event are anything to go by, brings into question the claim that the November 2017 coup that saw him removed unceremoniously from office was “targeting …

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Tourism indaba: Focus on tourism red tape

The largest travel exhibition in Africa, Africa Tourism Indaba started on May 8, 2018 at the ICC in Durban, South Africa. By Unathi S Henama It provides meeting spaces for travel buyers and product owners to sell Destination Africa. Tourism is a growing sector in many African economies. Tourism is …

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