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Chisora gets 60 hours community service

LONDON. — Dereck Chisora threatened to kill a man whose friend blocked his Mercedes in a car park while they visited the Post Office. The Zimbabwe-born heavyweight boxer admitted in court that he lost his temper during the incident which took place a week after his defeat to British rival Tyson Fury.

He screamed: “If you don’t move your car I’m going to punch you, smash both of your faces and then the car.”

The court heard that Chisora swore at driver Mansor Nikpor and threatened to kill his passenger Majid Rezaemi on December 8.

The two men left a note on their car with a mobile number if anyone wanted them to move their car while they were at the post office.

Chisora shouted at them as they walked away and again on their return. Rezaemi threatened to phone the police but Chisora responded by saying: “I’m late for my appointment. I’ll kill you.”

Hendon Magistrates’ Court ruled that Chisora must pay each victim £100 and complete 60 hours of community service after he admitted threatening behaviour with intent to cause fear or provoke unlawful violence towards the pair.

He told The Sun: “I asked politely at first and then when he started to wind me up I told him, ‘Move the f*****g car’

“I had just been to buy dinner for my little girl and it was in the car so, yeah, I was really p****d off. I said I’d kill him. I was angry.”

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