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‘Defend Unity Accord at all costs’

Farirai Machivenyika Senior Reporter
The Unity Accord signed between former president Robert Mugabe and the late Father Zimbabwe Dr Joshua Nkomo should be defended and respected at all costs as it forms the basis of the unity among Zimbabweans today.

This was said by Zanu-PF secretary for Information and Publicity Cde Simon Khaya Moyo yesterday in a statement ahead of the 31st anniversary celebrations of Unity Day on Saturday.

The two former leaders of liberation movements Zanu-PF and PF-Zapu signed the Unity Accord on December 22, 1987 culminating in the formation of a united Zanu-PF.

“On 22nd December 2018 Zimbabwe will be celebrating Unity Day in honour of the Unity Accord of 22 December 1987 signed by the two erstwhile liberation icons, former president Mugabe and the late Father Zimbabwe Dr Joshua Nqabuko Nkomo, on behalf of then liberation parties Zanu-PF and PF-Zapu,” Cde Khaya Moyo said. “The liberation movements prosecuted the liberation struggle to its logical conclusion through their respective armies, Zanla and Zipra, respectively. It is well known that the formation of the Patriotic Front in 1976 was the basis of the negotiations which ensued with the British in Geneva, Malta and Lancaster House conferences testify. When we attained independence in 1980 the two parties formed a Unity Government.

“It became desirable that the two parties hold extensive and intensive negotiations to form one party. These exchanges resulted in the signing of the Unity Accord of 22 December 1987 by the two principals leading to the formation of a united Zanu-PF.

“In fact, this agreement formed the basis of the unity of our people across the country and must be respected and defended at all costs. Efforts to derail it must be discouraged. The letter and the spirit of the Accord must be upheld at all times.” Cde Khaya Moyo implored Zanu-PF cadres to shun factionalism and other divisive activities saying the Unity Accord had no room for such practices.

Source : The Herald

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