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Dethroned Miss Zimbabwe working on Life story

Emily Kachote, the former Miss Zimbabwe 2015, is working on a documentary which chronicles her life and career.

Dethroned Miss Zimbabwe World 2015 Emily Kachote is working on a documentary which chronicles her life and career. Ttled “In Emily’s Bag”, the documentary is being shot by Axis4 and is already in pre-production with the release of the trailer set for next weekend. “In Emily’s Bag” was jointly written by Kachote and Axis4 with the sole purpose of redefining the model.

The hour-long production was shot in different parts of Zimbabwe, mainly in Harare.

In an interview with The Herald Entertainment, the model said the documentary serves to inspire, motivate and encourage the girl child.

“It is my passion to see the African girl child rise. My name is a brand and I will continue to defend it. The documentary shall be called ‘In Emily’s Bag’ and fans should expect the rebranding of Emily Kachote. It is an insight into who Emily really is, answering all the speculations, rumors and offer candid details about myself,” she said

“The project will show you what I am made of. People will see my face and know the real personality,” she said.

She said she had been doing several projects to empower the girl child.

“I am a strong woman. I have been engaged in a lot of youth activities at my church, conducting image seminars and in schools where have been teaching about cyber bullying, grooming and deportment. As a girl you are vulnerable to a lot especially criticism when you step into the limelight. You have to possess a thick skin. Focus more on the future,” she said.

Kachote, who is a finance advisor with Old Mutual, said she was happy with how Zimbabweans have been very supportive since her alleged story of leakage of nude pictures that led to her sacking.

“My family has been my number one fan and I thank God for their unwavering support, not to forget friends, church and some advisors. I have also noticed that if you are not ready to die for what you believe in then you not ready to live for it. That is what inspires me each day,” she said.

She said she is still deliberating on the launch date of the project.

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