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Echoes of ‘Mazambara’ . . . Mai Patai Resurfaces From Hibernation

Do you still remember the hit “Mazambara” that rocked the local music scene in the early 2000s? The song is off Voice of Prophecy’s 2002 album titled “Rumbidzwai” and Mai Respina Patai did lead vocals with her distinctive sharp voice.

It propelled Gweru-based Mai Patai to stardom. Although she was just featuring on her husband’s album, Mai Patai stole the limelight and became the face of Voice of Prophecy.

The hit came with slots to perform at various national galas and it also saw the band touring many parts of the country.

“Mazambara” sustained Mai Patai’s career for some years and another hit “Munamato” from the album “Mabhiravira” left Baba Ephraim Patai with no option but to let her go it alone.

She did a few projects including “Makanaka” and “Samulena”, but she went off the music radar in 2010 when they relocated to Namibia.

They came back home after a few years and remained in their shell as they pursued other endeavours outside music.

Now, Mai Patai has decided to return to the art that she loves most. On March 24 she launches her new album titled “Punish the Devil” at Gweru Cathedral Hall and Mathias Mhere is expected to grace the event.

Mai Patai said she will maintain her beat that is rooted in “vapostori” style although she is now a member of a pentecostal church.

“We have engaged renowned producers Bothwell Nyamhondera and Jabulani Ndlovu to make sure that we come up with perfect sound. This album should announce our return in a big way. We will maintain the beat that we are known for. We have moved from our original church to AFM, but we are not changing our beat,” said Mai Patai.

“New revelations led us to move to another church. We still respect our previous leaders and the teachings that we got from them. We worship the same God and our music is interdenominational. We will try to preach to everyone through our music regardless of denomination.”

Her husband said he will be working on his album later and the focus at the moment is on assisting Mai Patai on her new project.

“She is eager to continue preaching the word through music. There were many other commitments that kept us busy. Her heart had a burning desire to return to the music scene. She was always talking about it and I am happy that she will be launching the album to reconnect with her fans,” said Baba Patai.

The new album carries tracks “Ndinodaira”, “Moyo Munyoro”, “Usatye”, “Shoko Rinesimba”, “Anokomborera”, “Dai Asiri Jesu”, “Ruvengo” and “Denga Rashe”.

Mai Patai said after the launch in Gweru they will take the album to other cities through live shows and they expect a notable comeback.

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