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ED a Military Stooge… Poll Pledges All Rhetorical – Moyo

Rainbow Coalition of Zimbabwe (RCZ) partner, Godern Moyo says locals should ignore President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s “rhetorical” pledges of a clean election this year, insisting the new leader was merely a front for the military.

Moyo, secretary general of one of the two PDP factions, was addressing guests during a panel discussion at SAPES Trust last week.

“The person who is saying all these things (promises of free elections) is just the mouthpiece. He is a proxy,” Moyo said while representing ex-Vice President Joice Mujuru’s coalition.

“The subterranean force, the underlying force, the underlying power is not in that man called Mnangagwa. We all know that he was simply called ‘come back, and take over’.

“But the people who are running this country are those that proclaimed that evening of the 14th of November (2017) that they have taken over. So those are rhetorical statements.”

He was referring to the shock ouster of President Robert Mugabe which saw the military reinstate Mnangagwa, who days before had sought refuge in South Africa soon after he was fired by Mugabe.

Since taking over, Mnangagwa has promised to deliver free and fair elections in a country that has held disputed polls before.

Moyo, who is ex-State Enterprises Minister in the now defunct GNU, was blunt in describing Mugabe’s exit as a coup.

The new Mnangagwa government seems to have convinced the world Mugabe voluntarily surrendered power, taking it from the ex-leader’s resignation after a week-long siege … November last year.

But Moyo said the Mnangagwa government was illegitimate.

“We believe that there was a coup in this country,” he said.

“We have no ambiguity, no paradox, no irony about it. The events of the 13th, 14th and 15th of November 2017, to us, define a coup.

“So what we have currently is a military government disguised under civilian clothes.”

Moyo dismissed thoughts Mugabe resigned on his own accord when events leading up to his exit pointed to a leader who was under siege.

He said the current “military government” cannot be trusted to deliver democratic elections but can run authoritarian polls.

Moyo said Mujuru will never at any point accept invitation into a transitional government which was delivered via a coup.

He was soon challenged by Simba Makoni, moderator of the discussion, on why Mujuru accepted an invitation to attend Mnangagwa’s inauguration last year.

In his response, Moyo said the ex-Vice President fooled Mnangagwa into believing she was endorsing his presidency during the high profile event when she infact sought the opportunity to gain access to visiting heads of State.

“On the 24th of November, we agreed as a party and said ‘you are the former Vice President of the Republic of Zimbabwe. There are a lot of leaders coming from the region. Go and interact’.

“She went there not to embrace,]. She did not attend the dinner; she did not attend the party after that. That’s how we perceived it as a party.”

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