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Fresh Bloodied Human Skull found in Minister’s Car

skullbootA Mnangagwa boot-licker, the Minister of State for Mashonaland West Faber Chidarikire, who last week called Emmerson Mnangagwa ‘First Lady’, was once found with a fresh bloodied human skull in his boot, police have revealed.

Impeccable Police records show Chidarikire was driving his vehicle at the time of the find, and he admitted responsibility for it claiming that the head belonged to a pedestrian he had knocked over by the road side. The prosecutor said that at the time of the incident in 1994, police accepted Chidarikire’s explanation that the head belonged to a pedestrian he had knocked down.

No charges were laid against the then mayor, who is a powerful figure in the ruling ZANU-PF party, despite the suspicions of doctors who examined the head.

But after the then mayor was charged with the murder of a primary school girl in 1987, the head was exhumed and pathologists concluded that it had been deliberately sliced from the body, the prosecutor said.

On the first charge, Chidarikire is alleged to have snatched 12-year-old Esnath Rangles from the roadside, stabbed and strangled her in his car and sliced off a breast and her genitals.

Murders to obtain body parts for use in magic rituals believed to enhance success in business are not uncommon in Zimbabwe.

Two men who say they were hired by Chidarikire to assist in the 1987 murder and a string of others told police they are now being haunted by avenging spirits of the people they helped kill.

Chidarikire, who was granted bail despite public outrage after his first court appearance,  was remanded in custody and yet later released under unclear circumstances through ZANU PF, and this year he resurfaced as the government Minister of State for the entire Mashonaland West  – Sapa-AFP-ZimEye


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