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Gospel musicians pull out of fiesta

SOME local artistes, including Mathias Mhere and Michael Mahendere, who were billed to entertain guests at the Peace Starts with Me (Peace and Family) Festival yesterday, pulled out at the last minute amid indications that they did not subscribe to Family Federation for World Peace and Unification leader Hak Ja Han Moon’s doctrine.


The Unification Church, whose followers are popularly known as Moonies, believe, among other things, that although Jesus created the conditions necessary for humanity’s spiritual salvation, he miscarried God’s plan for man’s salvation because he did not marry.

It was founded by Moon’s husband, Sun Myung Moon, who claimed to be a messiah.

Mahendere told NewsDay Life & Style that he pulled out because he could not compromise on his faith.

“At first, we did not know much about this event until we did our research. My team and I are Christians. We believe in the Bible and we don’t really agree with what they believe in. That is my faith, and I feel I cannot compromise on my faith over this event,” he said.

“I don’t have anything against them, but I just said I cannot be part of this (festival) because it’s against my faith and my belief system.”

Mhere said he pulled out so as to protect his brand.

“Following discussions with the AFM church leadership, taking into consideration the statements presented by the Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe and the Zimbabwe Council of Churches towards the Peace and Family Festival, I decided to pull out,” he said.

“I have noted that Hak Ja Han Moon is not a Christian, and I, as a Christian, have seen it not fit to be associated with the event she is hosting.”

Trailblazing gospel songbird, Janet Manyowa, also dismissed reports that she would be part of the event.

“We did not pull out of this event as we never went into any agreement to be a part of it. Thank you for your continued love and support as we continue to lift up the gospel of Jesus Christ our King,” she said in a statement.

Gospel musicians Kudzi Nyakudya and Kuda Mutsvene, however, performed at the event.

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