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Horrific Tuesday at Pizza Slice

Abargain is almost always the source of bad service; at least in Zimbabwe anyway.

Many people have reported being treated like second-class buyers whenever there is a promotion running with them even being short-changed in the quality of service they get on bargain days across the nation.

And so too it was with Terrific Tuesday at Pizza Slice Samora Machel Avenues on a terrific Tuesday.

Years ago, the Slice group, especially at that branch, were known for exceptional service and decorum. But things have certainly changed.

Phenomenally rude till operator Prudence Mazwi was leading from the front in doling such service with all the right words like her surname suggests.

Quizzed on what happens if a pizza does not have enough ingredients as it ought to after saying they had run out of pepperoni for the Meat Deluxe flavour, apparently she didn’t give a hoot and there would not be an offer to replace the missing ingredient with something else that would be available like, say, garlic?

For that, one had to pay extra but not be compensated for the prejudice.

The other buyers were unamused. But then again, as the service and responses suggested, you either get it as is or shove off!

And the decorum of having to be asked what you would like as a second flavour, or if you want any add-ons or any other things with the order? Well Prudence had a ready answer; “I’m not supposed to ask you that. You are the one who should tell me what you want, not have me ask!” she cheekily ranted.

Ironically, the Slice group got their kudos ahead of other groups in the fast food industry for their having a set standard of rules to be adhered to by the till operators with a step by step formula which included asking about flavours, additional drinks and extras, as well and wear that trademark smile of the day.

Clearly, the Prudence Mazwi generation doesn’t care. Or perhaps a cosy Slice Group, with a decent slice of the market, has tossed the standards outside of the window.

So much for Terrific Tuesday and bargain food hunting!

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