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Impartation takes you to higher level Part 2

Bishop B. Manjoro Dunamis
I believe this article finds you well and in a good atmosphere of celebrating our beautiful continent of Africa. God loves you Africa! It’s your time and it’s your season! O hallelujah! We will continue talking on impartation! Like we said last week, in athletics, there is a race called relay in which four people work together, passing the baton from one runner to the other with the ultimate objective of corporate winning. Just like in this race, spiritual things are also handed over from one person to another. Spiritual handing over of the baton is called impartation.

In my life, through grace, I learnt many things from my father. I have also done many things that I wish my sons and daughters in the LORD ought to inherit. I remember one day when I was driving a Ford Console, it ran out of fuel. My friend looked at the dashboard and noticed that it was red and started to panic because we still had a long way to our destination.

It was in the evening, and we were in a remote place where there was no fuelling points. I continued to drive the car until we reached our destination, but from a physical point of view there was no way I could cover the distance the car covered with an empty tank. Right now, I always pray to God to impart such faith in people, so that they can come out from impossible situations. O hallelujah!

I thank God that for His gifts, such as preaching, healing and deliverance. These are wonderful gifts that I desire to be imparted to this generation. But I have realised that people can also identify and desire something greater than the gifts I mentioned above.

In my life through God’s grace, I built several church buildings, with very little resources and often with a few people. My wish is to impart this to people so that they are able to do great things without money or with little resources they have. I know that if someone is imparted with such a gift, he and his family can even build a church building, a house, a business and any dream in life on their own.

What I want to emphasise is that from the Bible, though the impartation of Elisha started when he was struck with the mantle, he spent 14 years with Elijah, before he could do things independently. Elisha always desired the anointing that was upon Elijah, that’s why when Elijah asked him what he wanted before he is taken away, he requested a double portion of the Spirit of God, which was upon Elijah. So desire and patience is important for you to receive the full impartation.

Just like Elisha with Elijah, Joshua spent several years with Moses. Joshua would accompany Moses to nearly all places he went, including in mountains for prayer. Therefore, if you want something, follow diligently, through thick and thin.

When you are imparted with something you need to have the discipline to continue to follow and learn from the one who imparts you. Along the way, you can be rebuked or corrected. Welcome it and you will rise to be a great person of influence!
I remember, in 1969, when I was still a young man. I was requested to interpret for a white man from USA. The mere fact that I was interpreting for the whole congregation, made me to believe that I was superior. However, my Pastor noticed the pride that had crept into me, and stopped the preacher and ordered me to sit down. I was embarrassed to the bone, but I continued to follow him. This incident addressed the pride that was slowly gathering momentum in me as a young man. O God is wonderful, hallelujah! Don’t die before you are dead! Pride will kill you before you go anywhere! Accept to be worked on, bvuma kushandwa!

The other important issue is maturity when you are imparted with gifts/ a gift. God can give you a gift like Elijah who could command the heavens not to give rains until he speak so, or call fire from heaven. If you have such a gift you have to be mature and know the words to speak to people, otherwise you end up cursing people. Mature people continue to love people, despite that they might be offended.

Moses passed the button stick to Joshua and Elijah passed the anointing to Elisha. My prayer is that desire to take the button stick and run with it in your generation.

Remember “for with God all things are possible” (Mark 10: 27).

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