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Junior Cops Set Dogs On Bosses in Fight Over Gold

Two cops reportedly set dogs on their bosses after a deal to share gold seized from illegal panners went sour, a Harare court heard this week.

Peeved at being sidelined from the loot, Constables Samuel Chinsela, 29, and Obey Navaya, 22, allegedly set dogs on one Assistant Inspector Trymore Hofisi.

Chinsela and Navaya were dragged to court last Friday on disorderly conduct and assault charges. They were remanded out of custody pending trial.

According to court papers the incident occurred on July 29 last year.

The accused were part of a team that drawn from ZRP Marondera to contain illegal gold panning at Cyntina Mine, under chief Chinamhora in Goromonzi.

Court heard that on August 1, the situation at the mine was clam and all police officers from Marondera and Juru police stations were ordered to go back to their bases.

It is alleged that Chinsela and Navaya became suspicious and threatened to set their dogs on Hofisi.

Business reportedly came to a standstill when the two junior cops proceeded to an area where some mine workers were receiving ore from the shaft.

They ordered the workers to leave or risk being caught up in cross fire. As the duo charged, three mine workers and other officers took to their heels.

However, another officer, identified as constable Hove retaliated and Chinsela allegedly set his dog on him.

Court heard that Hove also released his dog which overpowered Chinsela’s canine, resulting in the latter being apprehended and arrested together with his accomplice.

The two are however contesting the charges, arguing that the case against them was fabricated.

It is their defence that they only needed proceeds from the ore which they were given after helping contain the situation at the mine.

Magistrate Rumbidzai Dzumbira postponed the case to February 9.

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