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I Left My Licence At Home’ – Police Drag ‘Naked’ Stripper From Stage

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A stripper dragged from the stage mid-performance in Zimbabwe’s eastern city of Mutare has told a court that she left her licence at home, it’s been reported.

The 22-year-old woman was naked apart from a necklace when police burst into a nightclub in Chikanga township earlier this month and arrested her, the Manica Post reported recently.

Priscilla Mutandabare was convicted of public indecency in court.

The paper quoted her as saying: “I am a stripper and I have a licence but I left it in Harare. I don’t know if it is valid in Mutare.”

Magistrate Innocent Bepura told her that a stripper’s licence for Harare was only valid in Harare.

Clubs and professional strippers are licensed by Zimbabwe’s Censorship Board.

But even licensed strippers are not allowed to strip completely, according to the Standard. They are not allowed to have physical contact with club or bar patrons during their performances.

The privately-owned Newsday reported last September that several nightclubs around the country were hiring women as dancers but then forcing them to strip.

The Manica Post says the woman has until this Thursday to pay a $50 fine. If she does not do that she will have to spend 20 days in jail.

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