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Lunar Park skips ZITF

Instead of the traditional lunar park during the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair, there will be a Kids Entertainment Corner in Bulawayo this year.

After years and years of being a permanent feature during the ZITF, there will be no Lunar Park this year.

While no concrete reason was obtained from those who run the Lunar Park, word on the street says running the amusement park and high transport costs combined with the old, rickety machines were the major reasons the Lunar Park is not going to be there this year.

However, all hope is not lost as there will be an alternative, albeit without the Big Wheel, Roller Coaster and the Vroom Vroom.

There will be a Kids Entertainment Corner along 15th Avenue opposite ZITF where quad bikes, jumping castles, boat rides, clowning, face painting; kids’ toys and photographing will be on offer.

The fairly new offering is not to the scale of the Lunar Park but should serve as a worthy substitute.

The amusement for the children is the same as that which has been a feature at the Mock Mall along Jason Moyo and 8th Avenue during the festive season.

The amusement started running from Saturday and continue to May 7 from 8AM until late.

“We are a group of people who feature at the Mock Mall in December in Bulawayo. We have an assortment of things to offer for the amusement of the many children that we expect to be there. Since this year the Lunar Park won’t be there we decided to pool our resources together,” said Shupikai Matingaisa, one of the group members.

She said the prices for each ride will start at $1 depending on which ones will be available on the day.

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