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Makandiwa Foresaw Dhlakama’s Death

United Family International Church leader Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa foresaw the death of Mozambique opposition leader Afonso Dhlakama, who died early this month. Christ TV — UFIC’s official free-to-air television channel – reported that Prophet Makandiwa told his multitudes of followers on March 6, 2016 during a church service that he saw in a vision an opposition party leader dying.

The prophecy allegedly came to pass on May 3 when Mozambican National Resistance (Renamo) leader, Dhlakama was found dead in the Gorongosa mountains following heart complications.

Dhlakama was buried recently in Chibabava – 300km southwest of Beira.

Prophet Makandiwa, on March 6, 2016, urged UFIC to dedicate time to pray for Mozambique because God has shown him that country’s flag flying at half-mast, but in the opposite direction.

Christ TV interpreted that the flag which was at half-mast in the opposite direction meant that a prominent opposition leader was to die.

Renamo is the second largest party in Mozambique with 90 parliamentary seats while the ruling Frelimo has 160 seats.

“I will come back here and give you the exact time and date.”

One year later, the UFIC leader told his congregation that the Mozambican prophecy he gave a year earlier was drawing closer.

Once again, he encouraged the church to keep the neighbouring country in prayers.

Said Prophet Makandiwa on April 9, 2017; “We will continue praying, remember the prophecy I gave you about Mozambique, it’s coming close. Mozambique, Mozambique, Mozambique! I gave it (prophecy) here, don’t forget some of these prophecies. It’s very close.”

One year down the line, Christ TV reported that Prophet Makandiwa’s prophecy had come to pass.

Some of the prophecies include the cash shortages and introduction of bond notes which the UFIC leader allegedly foretold in 2011 — four years before the liquidity challenges.

Another prophecy involves South African President Cyril Ramaphosa’s plane having technical fault, which forced him to drive from Mpumalanga to Johannesburg in April 2016.

Prophet Makandiwa, during a church service at Life Haven on March 18, 2016, told congregants that the then South African Deputy President’s life was in danger due to a plane technical fault.

At the time of the prophecy, President Ramaphosa was the neighbouring country’s deputy president.

The charismatic preacher is also currently at the centre of a debate after declaring that he had done everything to enter Heaven.

He has explained that all needed to access the Kingdom of God was believing in Jesus Christ, who died for everyone’s sins.

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