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Meet the Three Kings of Orient…Young wonders battle odds in Mutare

Robert Mukondiwa
Mutare has its fair share of dreamers and aspirers. Youth who want to tell amazing stories of their society and let you wander through their minds in the poignant words of their music and the artistry of their hands.

And while it is tough being an artiste or music producer anywhere in the country, Saturday Herald Lifestyle found that there is a little bit of extra grind required if you happen to come from one of the smaller cities, never mind one which is literally in the hem of the nation.

We came across three Kings-Wise men from the east, whose music has inspired their people. Not quite the Orient, but we have always known wise men to come from the east have we  not?

 Brandon Breazy (Brandon Simbarashe Mapinda)

“A visualiser, alternative rapper, songwriter.” That is what Brandon Breazy calls himself and it is not tough to see why.

For the young rapper whose DNA spans across the southern hemisphere of the continent, pegging his ideals and spreading his rap footprint into Cape Town apart from Mutare, Brandon has a unique magic in his art and has lyrics laden with foresight.

Perhaps his demeanour speaks to his magic as well. He bears that look that says he is looking into the horizon, beyond the future even.

He has a special print as well in the rap Cathedral. As he was breathing his first, rap god Tupac Shakur was breathing his last. And you would think he inherited the very breath that Tupac left for him on that fateful September 13 of 1996.

He claims massive inspiration from mental demagogue Lil Wayne and he started rapping in 2014 when he released his hit song    Twerk It.

“In 2015 I released a 12 track mix-tape ‘High School Moments’ while in 2016 I released the album ‘African American.’ In 2017 I made it in the top 20 best rappers in Cape Town South Africa ranking at number 16 out of 276 other artists in Cape Town,” he says proudly. This is one man to definitely watch no doubt.

“I am currently working on an EP called ‘Road To Success’ which is dropping sometime this month,” he added.

All hail this king!

Euan Macmillan Daniels

Euan Macmillan Daniels

Imagine a rapper who also has the warmth of religion at the heart of his mission?

One entrusted with the hard work and responsibility of being an armour bearer of a greater man of God?

Euan Macmillan Daniels has a suave native language rap that makes him an affable social prophet in his own right, who speaks to the dreams, hopes and aspirations of his generation in his city, with many people finding hope and direction in his productions and his work.

“I want to keep on going with my grind at the moment and to keep pursuing my dreams of music; it is a calling that is as much a gift as my work in religious circles,” he says.

His personal swag is one that straddles the line between his work in religion and his mark as a poster child for the generation that he represents and also shows how someone committed to their grind can become a voice for the future of the youth especially in a place that may be marginalised like Mutare. He speaks too of a nation in transformation.

“I am working on my music and want to keep speaking truth to power and leading my generation as a leading voice and light,” he says.

That, he has already started becoming.


While they are subjected to being second class citizens in the world of music and while they are abused by rude DJ’s across the nation, with stations like Diamond FM and with the growth or a fresh resilient generation in the nation, Mutare, led by its three kings, will lead a revolution that will see Mutare roar as it is reborn!

Takudzwa Splits-Splits Loui.

Takudzwa Splits-Splits Loui.

Shuttling between Mutare and his Rusape hometown, Taku Splits is the future of music-moulding in the East with several young artistes to his name and signed to him.

They believe in his beats.

But life is not always easy for him when he tries to sell the Mutare or Rusape dream to the rest of the country on other radio stations. And he got a very rude response from a radio station DJ in Harare whom he had gotten in touch with to feature on the weekly dancehall programme the DJ hosts.

“I wanted my artistes to get national airplay and the response was very rude. However, I must say I am a strong character and I will continue working to introduce my people to the world. That radio station is one that we will no longer approach because everyone says the same DJ has been rude to them. They see themselves as demi gods so we will approach those who want to help push talent. Here in Manicaland there is Diamond FM and it is the best thing to ever happen to us. We are getting recognition and they work very hard to promote us and give us visibility,” he says.

No amount of rudeness has gotten this man quiet. He has continued to make good music and working with another artiste and friend, Lipa Tee, this is one music producer that the entire nation should keep their eyes open  for.

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