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2018 elections: Big stage temperament needed!

Sharon Hofisi Legal Letters The current World Cup will end on July 15 2018, some 15 days before Zimbabwe goes to the ballot to choose the next President, parliamentarians and councillors. We witnessed fine Ronaldo moments during the Spain and Portugal match. The clash – a six-goal thriller – saw …

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Sexual harassment in workplaces & the law

Geraldine Tendai Kabaya Correspondent Work is a place where many activities take place. These activities may be harmful to both men and women depending on behaviour that is portrayed by different individuals and how it is viewed by the recipient. Sexual harassment is conduct that may affect especially women in …

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World Cup: A chance to talk about African identities, unity

Mahfoud Amara Correspondent Africa is the world’s second most populated continent; it’s home to 54 countries. Yet, according to football umbrella body FIFA’s rules, only five African countries can qualify for the World Cup tournament which is held every four years. In the 2018 tournament, Africa is represented by Nigeria …

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US-China trade war, whither Africa?

Tony Watima Correspondent In  economic globalisation and trade liberalisation where countries are eliminating trade restrictions to trade more, a full blown trade war between the US and China is brewing. It started with the US instituting a 25 percent tariff on imported steel and a 10 percent tariff on imported …

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Time AU gave PAP some legislative teeth

Ranga Mataire Senior Writer In the heat of a campaign trail, people undergo some kind of mental freeze that insulates them from a world beyond their immediate spheres. It’s like nothing else matters. Yet beyond the electoral denouement, there exists a life whose vagaries  stubbornly stand in the way of …

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