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Jonathan Moyo says “Elephant” Mpofu thinks like a rat

HARARE – Jonathan Moyo and Obert Mpofu locked horns in an explosive politburo meeting on Tuesday, with the Information minister accusing the Transport minister of having the brains of a rat. Politburo sources told the Daily News Mpofu, who was in charge of Zanu PF’s Matabeleland North congress preparations, was …

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Zimbabwe’s next president: Grace Mugabe?

With Grace Mugabe, the world may have it’s first woman dictator in modern history. The Zimbabwean political class is abuzz with rumors that Mrs. Mugabe, the second wife of President Robert Mugabe, may succeed her husband as leader of the southern African nation following news of her appointment to the …

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How Mugabe used factionalism to keep power

President Robert Mugabe has been at the helm of Zanu-PF since 1976 – and this week’s party congress is most likely to further cement his grip on power. Mugabe is a veteran of manipulation. At the height of Zimbabwe’s armed struggle in 1976, a group of guerilla commanders known as …

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How Garfield Todd’s daughter Judith was raped by Zim soldiers

In Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe, terror is so endemic not even the daughter of a former prime minister known as a supporter of black rights is immune from rape. Judith Todd’s father Sir Garfield Todd was Rhodesia’s last liberal leader and she was imprisoned, force-fed and exiled under Ian Smith’s rule …

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“Sir” Wicknell claims he is ready to be VP

ZANU PF CONGRESS…I can’t afford to be late for this record breaking historic event. With the amendments we made recently on the constitution which empower the President to appoint anyone of his choice in the presidium which is 2 Vice Presidents and a national chairman this effectively means I, myself …

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