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Ruth Chinamano #Zimbabwe Liberation War Hero

Ruth Lottie Nomondo Chinamano was a ZANU-PF politician and wife of Josiah Mushore Chinamano Chairman of Womens Affairs at Special ANC Congress. RUTH CHINAMANO Ruth Nyombolo was born in Cape Town on 16 February 1925. She and her twin sister formed part of a family of four girls and a boy. Her father was a …

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Leopold Takawira #Zimbabwe Liberation War Hero

Leopold Takawira #Zimbabwe Liberation War Hero 960 Chairman, Harare Branch, NDP. 1960 Director of International Relations, NDP. 1961 Secretary for External Afairs, ZAPU. 1963 Vice-President, ZANU. LEOPOLD TAKAWIRA (1916-1970) Leopold Takawira was born at Chilimanzi in the Victoria District in 1916. He was educated at primary schools in Southern Rhodesia and at …

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Herbert Chitepo #Zimabwe First Black Lawyer, Liberation War Hero

Herbert Wiltshire Pfumaindini Chitepo 1960-61 National Council Member, NDP. 1963 National Chairman, ZANU. HERBERT WILTSHIRE TFUMAINDINI CHITEPO (1923-1975) Herbert Chitepo was born on 5 June 1923 in the Inyanga district of Rhodesia. His father died when Herbert was three years old and he was brought up at St David’s Mission, Bonda. He received …

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Josiah Tongogara Zimbabwe Military Commander and Chief of Defence,

JOSIAH MAGAMA TONGOGARA Zimbabwe Military Commander, ZANLA. Chief of Defence, DARE ReChimurenga (ZANU War Council) General Josiah Magama Tongogara was a visionary who dedicated his life towards the establishment of a nation free of discrimination and oppression on the basis of skin colour. Born 4 February 1938 in what was …

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At age 37, Uganda woman has given birth to 38 children

By Godfrey Lugaaju Lost along the way, a boda boda rider offers to lead me to her home since they know her by her unique name. Nalongo Muzaala Bana (the twin mother that produces quadruples) is what Mariam Nabatanzi Babirye goes by where she resides in Kabimbiri village, Mukono District. …

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