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Can Zimbabwe’s vice president survive the heat?

By Tendai Marima: Bulawayo, Zimbabwe – From the sharp-tongued First Lady, Grace Mugabe, holding a string of rallies bluntly demanding that she be charged with treason and college students issuing a 14-day ultimatum for her to resign, Zimbabwe’s first female vice president, Joice Mujuru is under intense pressure to step …

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Zimbabwe government spying on citizen

HARARE – First Lady Grace Mugabe has accentuated fears that President Robert Mugabe’s government was illegally spying on certain politicians, the media and other citizens. This comes after the 49-year-old businesswoman has claimed — for two consecutive days — that she had “electronic evidence” of Vice President Joice Mujuru making …

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By Itai DzamaraOf all the options now practically available to us, Zimbabweans, only one can really bring the desired result – of stopping the sinking of the ship, dragging it to the shores and starting to repair it.Action, and now, is the only route left for the masses to stop …

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Forget Congress: ZANU is not a lover

A new ZANU-PF is not enough .The foundations of democracy in Zimbabwe have been eroded by corruption, patronage and violence. Nobody should pretend they will berestored merely by reforming ZANU-PF, writes Arthur Mutambara, the former Deputy Prime Minister. There has been a lot of debate and discussion about the succession issue in ZANU-PF. In some quarters, the …

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Exclusive: How and Why Mugabe murdered Solomon Mujuru

The responsibility for Mujuru’s demise lies directly at the door of the president himself. “Mujuru was the last remaining person within Zanu-PF who was able to speak out against Mugabe during politburo meetings,” one told Zimbabwe Today. “His death, whether an accident or an assassination ordered from the very top, benefits …

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