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Unpacking the Marriages Bill

Andrea Dracos There has been pandemonium regarding the import of the Draft Marriages Bill, 2017 (hereinafter referred to as “the Bill’’) which was recently approved by the Cabinet. Its main objectives are highlighted in the preamble but for purposes of this article, protest has been raised regarding this particular object …

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Women make up 45 percent of the National Assembly in South Africa

Nyarai Kampilipili Correspondent Almost half of the representatives elected to the new National Assembly in South Africa are women, with at least 45 percent of the seats. This is another step towards equal representation of women and men in political and other decision-making positions as the previous National Assembly had …

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Ronnie relishes Salah challenge

WARRIORS left back Ronald Pfumbidzai has revealed that he will be looking to use the big stage at the 2019 African Cup of Nations finals to showcase his talents and hopefully secure a new deal with another club. BY TAWANDA TAFIRENYIKA He will face off some of the big names …

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Zim needs more power options

Hydro and fossil fuel-generated electricity have long well served Zimbabwe and many other countries in the past. It is cheap, or at least cost-efficient, and has been sustainable for a long time. But with fossil fuels being a finite resource, and water prone to the vagaries of climate change, countries …

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MDC congress: Redefining the people’s agenda

This weekend the MDC will hold its elective congress in Gweru, Midlands province, under the theme Defining a new course for Zimbabwe. This is the 5th congress we are holding since February 1999, when we gathered at the Women’s Bureau in Harare as compatriots and resolved to form a political …

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