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Consumers must reward the fair

Shoppers now know which retailers they can trust and which they cannot after the reactions to the unnecessary panic last week, fuelled by unsubstantiated rumour and malevolent wishful thinking, which saw some outlets grossly overcharging and hoarding while others rode out the storm with quiet confidence and competence. TM-Pick n …

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Escapism and denialism

Reason Wafawarova on Monday IT is sad to note that 18 years after Zimbabwe repossessed colonially stolen farm land there is a grounding narrative that says agricultural production has declined because land is now in the hands of “unskilled and incapable black farmers”. We bear responsibility for this narrative, and it …

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Writers’ childhoods -in their own words

Memory Chirere Correspondent Someone once remarked that writers need to have had lots of childhood trauma to write great works, or something to that effect. That is not to mean that every piece of writing is exactly an autobiography. The strong assumption is that every writer has suffered a trauma or …

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Dutch delegation on fact-finding trip

AT THE GALLERY A Delegation from the Netherlands’ Mondriaan Fonds visited Harare in September on a fact-finding mission that was geared to understand the needs of the Southern African cultural landscape. The orientation trip was facilitated by the Mondriaan Fonds in cooperation with the Flanders Art Institute of Belgium, the Danish …

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Bye bye to maize imports as…Grain deliveries top 1,1m tonnes

Elita Chikwati Senior Agriculture Reporter Zimbabwe will not import maize as it has become food secure, with farmers having so far delivered 1,1 million tonnes to the Grain Marketing Board for the 2018 marketing season, thanks to the successful Command Agriculture programme. GMB officials said they expected the delivered maize …

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