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Pokello, Stunner a replica of Selena and Justin Bieber

THANKS to the 30Billion concert of Ginimbi and Davido, thousands of Zimbabweans got the chance to see the “Swagger Queen” and former Big Brother 2013 housemate, Pokello Nare and hip-hop star, Stunner communicate in a brief interview.

A video of the two renowned and controversial personalities surfaced last week in which the two looked exuberant and full of smiles at the much-hyped concert that lightened the famous venue, Harare International Conference Centre.

No one could have thought or imagined the two vibrant stars sharing the same place after their nasty breakup in 2013 that saw Pokello dump Stunner live on television after finding love in the Ghanaian TV personality, Elikem. More so, after the leaking of their sex tape that left people in shock.

Whether the two have forgiven each other or the interview was just two people acting professional in front of the camera, the fact is that seeing them together speaking was a dream for many Stunner and Pokello’s diehard fans.

Fans were quick to comment about the video on Youtube and Instagram. One particular fan joked that Stunner wanted to get too close to the smoking-hot Pokello.

“It’s clear that Stunner wanted to close the space between him and Pokello during the interview. It’s reasonable because damn the queen of swagger was looking gorgeous,” he said.

Pokello and Stunner’s breakup disappointed thousands of people who believed that the two were meant to be together. Their breakup matched that of the two global superstars, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez.

Millions of fans across the world believe that Selena and Justin are two sides of the same coin. They cannot be separated or broken. Hence, when they broke up scores of souls were torn apart.

A day would not pass without fans speaking or posting a picture of Selena and Justin together, encouraging them to get back together.

When the two were spotted together it was like a dream come true for many people. They would comment on how the two looked beautiful together.

The same goes with Stunner and Pokello fans. Hundreds of people were devastated when they saw the two lovebirds in a controversial and forgettable breakup.

It was heartbreaking to them to see Pokello being won over by a Ghanaian celeb. They wished God could answer their prayers so Pokello and Stunner could get back together.

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