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Robert Mugabe attacks Obama

President Mugabe showed great indifference to the reign of United States of America’s 44th president Barrack Obama. He said Barack Obama will retire from office with an African curse as the continent expected a lot from his election but he disappointed. Mr. Obama recently converged the biggest meeting between African leaders and the United States at the US-Africa Summit in August. However, Addressing the 6th Zanu-PF National People’s Congress in Harare, President Mugabe — who is the Sadc chair and AU deputy chair — lashed out at President Obama.

President Mugabe said a small group of countries led by the US and Britain opposed the normalisation of relations between Harare and Europe.

Europe and the US imposed  sanctions on Zimbabwe because of electoral theft and human right abuses by the Mugabe regime.

“In the case of the United Kingdom, this has something to do with their pending elections. Zimbabwe’s fate must wait while the sons of Albion choose a new Government! What rank madness! As for the Unites States of America, we honestly do not know what grievance she holds against us,” ranted President Mugabe. 

“I doubt if Barack Obama understands that grievance, whatever it is. I suppose in his case it has a lot to do with him being a black President in White House, a virtual prisoner enjoined to pander to and dutifully mind white interests. He retires from office with an African curse, this man from whom so much was expected by our continent. But we know better that nothing much should be expected from him.”

President Mugabe said the West has tried everything short of war to effect regime change in Zimbabwe.

“They created well-heeled opposition against us. That opposition has now fallen. They sought and still seek to divide us. That, too, has failed. They attacked our economy, attacked our currency. We have conceived strategies which have exposed to them the futility of those spiteful measures.

“They sought to isolate us, even mobilising multilateral institutions against us, even blocking trade between us and other nations. Today they even hold our earnings which they have impounded, buccaneer style. Is there international law anymore, we ask. But we have remained unflinching, undaunted. Now Europe seeks peace with us, seeks to re-establish friendship with us,” he said.

In an interview about Zimbabwe in August President Obama said, “The situation in Zimbabwe is somewhat unique.The challenge for us in the United States has been how do we balance our desire to help the people of Zimbabwe with what has frankly been a repeated violation of basic democratic practices and human rights inside of Zimbabwe?

“And we think it is very important to send clear signals about how we expect elections to be conducted and governments to be conducted, because if we don’t, then all too often, with impunity, the people of those countries can suffer.

President Mugabe said Zimbabwe has always sought friendship with all nations.

“As before, we tell Europe we have been more sinned against than sinning. We have always sought amity and friendship with all nations, great or small, black or white, brown or yellow.”

This was quite an add remark from President Mugabe who uses every chance he gets to savage the United States and Britain. He has used all his trips to the United Nations to assert that he is still in power in Zimbabwe by attacking the Americans in their own backyard.  But yesterday he said, “We have not even sought to hit back at Britain, much as it has assets here.  Well, let them come if they now want friendship. But it has to be on terms that recognise our sovereign right to exist as an independent African nation enjoying equal status accorded to all nations under the UN Charter,” 

The Obama administration said that its targeted sanctions and travel ban would not be lifted until Zimbabwe embraces “credible, transparent, and lasting democratic reforms.”

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