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Sculptor Deve shares Chinese experience

Shepad Deve with one of his pieces and art admirers in China

Tawanda Marwizi Arts Correspondent
Local sculptor, Shepard Deve, who spent almost a year in China lands back today, and is ready to share his experience with upcoming sculptors.

Among all Deve notes the importance of education to sculptors.

“It was an exciting experience to be in the Far East. I am happy that I am coming back home and I will be sharing my experience with other sculptors there,” he said.

It is important that artists specifically from our genre further their education.

“Zimbabwe has the best sculptors I tell you. Its market is growing worldwide but we should further our education to enhance our work. We can be employed in foreign galleries if we have the necessary qualifications,” he said.

Deve also realised that big stone works are on demand in China as well pieces that depict animals and wildlife.

“If you go out there you realise that the parks are in need for sculptors because they just beatify them with natural stones.

“They love African sculptors but sometimes accessibility might be a huge problem,” he said.

He challenged the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe and other arts institutions to offer degree programmes for the sculptors.

The sculptor appreciates the work God has done in creating animals like birds, fish and ducks among others.

“These small animals are very important as they complement each other to make a beautiful ecosystem,” he said.

His parents inspired him to venture into art.

“My parents taught me to use the talent I have so as to earn a living. They always encouraged me to work hard in improving my art,” he said.

Born in 1969, the sculptor finished his education and he formally got employed.

In 2008 he then ventured into full time arts working at Chitungwiza Arts Centre.

“In 2008, I went into full-time self-employment as an artist. Art was a pastime for me since school days and I had never taken it seriously, but now I joined the Chitungwiza Arts Centre family so as to develop my art talent and harness it for economic benefits and fend for my family,” he said.

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