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Sikhala rearrested, and tortured

1456676_10152584058317832_3456239639309105075_nThe Movement for Democratic Change’s Job Sikhala was brutally assaulted by state agents this Friday. Writing on his Facebook page, his aide Morgan Muchawaya, wrote the following:.

“Our freedom fighter has been tortured today in the morning by security agents on the underground bunker at the Harare Central Police station. He was invited to report to the Law and Order yesterday late hours. He was not in Harare as he was in his rural village, where he later made arrangements with his lawyer to report today in the morning. He then went to report this morning with his lawyer Alec Muchadehama. His lawyer and some of us who accompanied him there, where refused to accompany him to the interrogation room. We were asked to stay outside for hours only to hear that the party had made contingent measures to take him to hospital.

He is currently in hospital treated of torture pains. His explanation is that, there was no interrogation they did to him but accused him of having gone to Swaziland to meet some white German national who wanted to give him arms of war to wage a war against the government. He also says that he was tortured being asked why he left MDC99 to regroup with Morgan Tsvangirai. They took all the possessions that were in his pocket.

Sikhala says he never met any white person for sometime now and that he was in Swaziland on holiday after he was invited by his brother in law who is a rich business mogul in Swaziland. He has no idea of these new cropping allegations. He also says he and Tsvangirai share the same desire and drive to see a new Zimbabwe in the horizon. His lawyer is so disappointed that the security officer can not invite a person to torture him. Anyone who want to know what transpired and the condition of Mr. Sikhala can phone his lawyer Alic Muchadehama.Despite his torture pain his Hypertension is said to have shot to dangerous levels. Let’s pray for our leader .”

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