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Socialite Papa Lodza silences Zimbabweans after revealing HIV Status

POPULAR Harare socialite and music promoter Lloyd “Papa Lodza” Jiro has publicly revealed his HIV status, putting to rest speculation he might be positive.

Papa Lodza, who is also a deejay, revealed that over the years he has kept quiet amid rumours circulating around the capital that he is among the popular figures that have succumbed to the killer disease.He posted pictures of his recent HIV results and accompanied it with a statement.

“I know most of my friends really think and are convinced that I am sick.

“It’s true that I am, I have a condition that some of you know about and won’t reveal it here.

“But here and there I hear people say that I have the most dreaded disease, AIDS.

“Through the years I have heard this about me, and I would tell myself vanhu havana basa as long as I know my status, but nhasi ndangomuka ndakajamuka ndikati rega ndinyararidze vanhu ava, kutaura kuite kushoma.

“If you are one of these people akaona status yangu just by looking at me, do me a favour and get tested yourself and know your own status.

“I have lost relatives to this disease and I know how serious it is, that I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

“To those that have it, I wish you well and right now Doctors are making strides in finding a cure, soon there will be a cure I’m sure.” #KnowYourStatus #Staystrong”


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