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Tell the Zim story, arts sector challenged

The Ministry of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services says its exhibition at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) this year has been focusing on content creation with local artists expected to come to the party and start telling the Zimbabwean story in film.

While the country has been loud about its talent in the arts sector, that pronouncement however has no tangible results as the country is still watching Western, South African and Nigerian movies yet local content producers claim to be the best.

Renowned script and film producer of the Amakorokoza fame, Cont Mhlanga, said there is a need for a national strategy to tell the Zimbabwean story from an artistic point of view.

Mrs Florence Sigudu-Matambo, the chief executive of Transmedia, who was managing the ministry’s stand concurred with Mhlanga that content creation is the main issue at hand and challenged artists to be aggressive in their approach to the arts business.

The world over, arts is a multi-billion dollar industry that is sustaining economies and the Zimbabwean story is equally exiting but yet to be packaged for the world to enjoy and marvel as it dates back to the pre and post independence era.

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