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Tsvangirai Says MDC-T to Contest 2018, Party to ‘Collapse’ Into a ‘Grand Election Machinery’ Next Year

Tsvangirai Says MDC-T to Contest 2018, Party to ‘Collapse’ Into a ‘Grand Election Machinery’ Next Year
— MORGAN Tsvangirai says the MDC-T is already preparing to contest the 2018 harmonised elections, in what some may see as a slow but sure U-Turn from the party’s boycott stance.
The MDC-T, since suffering a massive defeat to President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF by a two thirds majority in the previous election, has abstained from a number of by-elections.
Tsvangirai is on record declaring that he his party will not dignify the country’s “shambolic” elections anymore by taking part in them until reforms were implemented.
While admitting that the electoral playing field is still rough, Tsvangirai, this Tuesday, said MDC-T has begun preparing for the 2018 watershed election.
He said, “The party has taken a decision to prioritise election preparedness in the year 2017. All our structures across the country, across villages and towns will collapse into a grand election machinery.”
“Related to poising the party for elections, the MDC will up its push for electoral conditions as a precondition to ensure that the next elections are free, fair and credible,” added Tsvangirai.
“We are heartened by the developments in Africa where credible elections are taking place and where sitting parties and governments are conceding defeat,” said Tsvangirai.
He added, “Ghana and the Gambia are such examples, even though Gambia’s Yahya Jammeh is now singing a different tune after initially conceding defeat.
“In our case, when a party in government is defeated it withholds results for over a month to do what eight years ago it called meticulous verification of election results!”
According to Tsvangirai, political developments across the world are generally pointing to a democratization wave that has managed to sway results in favour of opposition parties.
Tsvangirai first pulled out of the election race in the bloody 2008 run-off leaving Mugabe to run a solo race. Ultimately, a power sharing deal was brokered in which Mugabe was, for the first time since independence, to share the reigns with an opposition party.
MDC-T’s decision to field candidates comes at a time Zanu PF is going through a tumultuous period of intra-party fighting.
Nevertheless, political violence remains rife and electoral reforms are yet to be fulfilled.
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