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We crossed over to take over: Part 2

Bishop B. Manjoro Dunamis
Once again I congratulate you for finding grace in the sight of the Lord to enter 2019. This is a year of visitation. You see it’s just good to have visitors. They bring news, refreshment and a lot of new things. How much more when the Lord Himself visits your life? O! I like it, I like it!

This is a good year.

We didn’t just cross over to just be in the year, no! We crossed over to take over. In this season we know who our enemy is and we don’t waste time fighting people. People are people and will always be people. The devil is our enemy and roams like a lion looking for whom to devour.

Today I add another point; for you to take over in this year of visitation know yourself!

Romans 7:18: “For I know that in me (that is, in my flesh,) dwelleth no good thing: for to will is present with me; but how to perform that which is good I find not.”

You see there are people who don’t know who they are and whose they are. They know everything and everyone else except themselves! Imagine I say all tall people stand at the back line and all short people in the front, and you see a tall man like Baba Tambara (tallest man in church) in the front among short people.

You ask him why he is in the front and he asks, “Ah! Didn’t you say short people stand in front?”

Friends, hear me, hear me, hear me in 2019, and know yourself!

How can something be obvious to everyone else about you yet be a surprise to you.

Know yourself by knowing to whom you belong. For example, do you know there are cattle, which are respectfully removed from a maize field? Because it’s the king’s herd of cattle.

Then an ordinary person’s cattle will be beaten thoroughly as they will be removed from a maize field! What am I saying? What’s the difference? Aren’t they all cattle? All have horns? But the other herd belongs to the King! O, I like it!

You are the King’s child. You are not an ordinary person, no, no, no! God is your father. He is the King of heaven and earth! Don’t allow people to look down upon you and say you are nobody, no, no, no! You are a royal priest, God’s chosen generation!

When I say know yourself I don’t say tell yourself, “Ah! Bishop I know that I’m a failure. I can’t do this and that!” No, no, no don’t know that. Refuse to know it.

You are a giant.

You are able.

You can do great things!

In Cape Town I told people, “Don’t worry when someone calls you a dog. Just go to the mirror and look for a tail. If you don’t see any sign of a tail, laugh out loud.”

The person made a mistake, dogs have tails! Even if you cut the tail there is a little piece that remains! If it’s your husband who calls you dog, how could he marry and live with a dog all these years?

No matter where you are in life don’t be discouraged! You are where you are on your way to where you are supposed to be. Talk like the Apostle Paul, who said I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me!

What dream is before you? It will come to pass! What mountain is before you? You will climb it and find yourself on the other side.

Reader, I believe in you? Don’t say “Ah! Bishop how can you believe in me when you have never seen me?”

If God believed in me and made somebody out of me even if I have never met you I believe He has good plans for you! 2019 is yours!

“For with God all things are possible” Mark 10:27.

Source : The Herald

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